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Pound Sandwich-So Watt Up?

A fairly direct tweet from Texas Governor Greg Abbott

From Texas to the United Nations: Pound Sand

The world is recovering from rising fuel costs caused by premature and excessive reliance on renewable energy.

High fuel costs have punished middle-class families and created a supply chain crisis.

Texas oil and gas are needed now. of-climate-change / 287-a7622d6e-e4cc-43c6-9936-30835e6c23ca

Originally tweeted by Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) On October 25, 2021..

The article he answered includes this:

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres states that Texas is in a leading position in the production of renewable energy.

“If we want Texas to continue to thrive in 2050 or 2070, it needs to diversify its economy, and Texas needs to reduce its dependence on oil and gas,” Guterres said. “Because of the Texas weather, we have all the conditions to be a major state of renewable energy in the United States,” he added.

Texas is a country Largest producer Of crude oil and natural gas Largest emitter Of carbon dioxide.While deeply rooted in a carbon-based economy, states Largest producer of wind energy In the United States.

“Texas is thriving today because it is based on the main factors of wealth and power of the last century. Oil and gas. We see in the future as the situation changes. It means that the green economy tends to dominate, “Guterres said. of-climate-change / 287-a7622d6e-e4cc-43c6-9936-30835e6c23ca

Pound Sandwich-So Watt Up? Pound Sandwich-So Watt Up?

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