Power up your gamer’s dreams with Xbox

Made from dreams

This week is the first year since the Xbox Series X was introduced to the world. Power Your Dreams.. Since then, we have explored the possibilities of next-generation games and have experienced first-hand the world’s most powerful consoles in the past few weeks.

When we thoroughly consider the possibilities of next-generation games and the implications behind them Power Your Dreams, I wondered if the Xbox Series X could actually move gamers’ dreams. With the help of a few members of the Xbox community and incredibly talented creators, we tried to discover exactly that.

Dream scientists used state-of-the-art dream recording technology to experiment with lucid dreaming, experience the Xbox Series X, and then capture and decode the true dreams of gamers. Next, we partnered with world-renowned artists and creators to bring them inspired by dream data. Bring gamers’ dreams to life through a series of content we call “Made from Dreams.”This content series Power Your Dreams We’re campaigning to show that the next-generation Xbox console is literally shaping our dreams.

“Lucid Odyssey”

Created by Academy Award-winning director Taika Waititi (“Jojo Rabbit”, “Tall Ragnarok”, “Thor: Love and Thunder”), this short film blends the worlds of art, science and games into a dream. Brings Gamer’s Crystal Homes (aka MoonLiteWolfAfter she played the Xbox Series X, this epic adventure captures the spirit of the actual research process, the infinite depth of MoonLiteWolf’s detailed and vibrant dreams, and is proactive in recognizing certain Xbox characters. I will challenge. ..

MoonLiteWolf appears in the film as himself, narrated from real audio recorded during his dream research.

OBJ’s “Dream Kit”

Meet Odell Beckham Jr.’s dream controller and shoes. Inspired by the real dream of OBJ playing the Xbox and manipulating the big sparkling stars in space, a custom set of controller designs and a custom pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes designed in partnership with Odel and Nike. Realized. Fans will have the chance to win custom controllers and shoes in future Xbox Twitter sweepstakes, so stay tuned.


“Digital Dream Art”

Visual artist and director Quentin Delongier interprets with a surreal approach Stallion 83Dreams reveal how vibrant and immersive they are through a custom series of high-fidelity digital art content after experiencing the next generation of gameplay.


“AR Dream Filter”

With augmented reality filter, Emericagirl24The dream of digital artist Johanna Jaskowska gives gamers the opportunity to express themselves through a series of unique and reimagined unconventional lenses never before experienced in the gaming industry.


“Walk in Steve’s dream”

Winning for all of us when everyone plays is a core belief in the Xbox team. The program has partnered with audio studio Big Orange to create an immersive and accessible 3D audio adventure story inspired by real dream gamers. BlindGamerSteve, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and had after experiencing the 3D spatial sound features of the Xbox Series X.

Steve appears in the story as himself, narrating his dream experience, along with the actual audio recorded during his dream study.


Special thanks to the great creators and gamers who participated in this launch and this program and lent their talent. And for Xbox fans around the world, we can’t wait to share more as we continue to explore the possibilities, expectations, and even unknown limits of storytelling and marketing in the gaming industry. ..

Powering the Dreams of Gamers with Xbox

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