PowerA Spectra Infinity Extended Wired Controller for Xbox Review

Without a controller, the game session is almost complete. Of course, you can hold it in your hand and bend over to the PC scene, but the beauty of the console is that you can pick it up and play in just a few seconds.

However, you need a controller to do this. And there are tons available. In the Xbox ecosystem alone, there are many different types of official Xbox wireless controllers, running multiple skins and themes.Throw-in Xbox Design Lab There are few options and colors you can’t get.Then there’s the elite controller with its elaborate customization and profoundness, but third parties are trying to do the same-especially noteworthy. Victrix with Gambit’s self-proclaimed “world’s fastest controller”, Turtle beach and their Reconnaissance controller When NACON’s Revolution X Pro..

But if you really want to brighten up your late-night gaming session, you need to include PowerA Spectra in your shopping list. Just because the neon lights shine, you can see that you are playing comfortably from midnight to early morning.

The PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller (to give it a full name) is an Xbox brand option for gamers who need a ton of color in their lives. Set up and laid out much like Microsoft’s official Xbox wireless controller, this wired controller feels right in your hand. in short, For real Great for hands.

It is black and has a kind of soft touch luster on the top, which is absolutely beautiful to hold. There are no scratches and the texture is delicate. On the underside, like many other 2021 controllers, the handgrip has a bit of texture. From there, the thumbstick, cross-shaped key, and all face buttons are close enough to a fully accurate replica of the official scene with just the nexus button. The menu, view and share buttons are a bit more rounded than usual. The nexus button itself is a joy, and the easy-to-press feel reminds me of years ago.

There is a small white LED between the triple menu buttons to indicate that power is connected. Use a 10-foot USB-A-Micro-USB cable for connection. The only real difference from the front of the Spectra is the volume locker near the bottom. This is a really nice little addition that allows you to instantly use volume and mute controls at your fingertips, regardless of the headset connected to this controller. Sure, the headset needs to connect a cable to the 3.5mm jack, but once it’s connected, pressing it to the right of this dial will increase the volume, and moving it to the left will decrease the volume. As soon as you press it down, the microphone mutes and the dial itself glows red to indicate loss of communication. This eliminates the need to go to the darkest depths of your Xbox audio settings and tinker with the volume you need.

It’s the sparkle of this volume dial that hints at more magic from the PowerA Spectra, and as the name implies, you have the opportunity to customize the entire color of the controller itself. Divided into three “zones”, Spectra has the ability to change colors to brighten the most hardcore gaming sessions.

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Zone 1 avoids the outside line of the controller itself, and Zone 2 covers the area around the left thumbstick and face button. Zone 3, on the other hand, illuminates the night sky with different colors around the cross key and the right thumbstick.

All this is customizable as it includes a simple LED button on the back of the controller. Press and hold this for a few seconds to enter LED program mode, from which you can press D-Pad to the right to scroll through the zones. From there, take full advantage of the four face buttons to set a color type that is unique to the button itself. In other words, when you press the A button, 5 types of green circulate, Y covers the yellow angle, B covers the red angle, and X covers the blue angle. Mixing and matching allows Spectra to shine in all kinds of colors.

Each of the three zones can be set individually with a different color. Press the cross key to the left to switch between “breathing” or “solid” light effects. Press the same cross key up or down to increase or decrease the brightness.

From there, press and hold the LED program button mounted on the same back to lock the color in place, and press the same button quickly to instantly turn the color on or off. Yes, if you don’t intend to play the game and need to hide the session immediately, you can easily hide it.

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To create such an easy-to-use system and integrate it nicely into Spectra, you need to provide credit to PowerA. It may seem complicated at first, but it only takes a few minutes before the controller glows as desired. And if you get bored, it’s just as easy to fix it again.

But that’s not all. PowerA doesn’t just give off a flashy light in the gaming market. Spectra also comes with some advanced game buttons on the back. As you can see in Victrix’s Gambit Controller and NACON’s Revolution X Pro Controller, there are two small programmable buttons on the back of Spectra where the third finger is placed during the game. You can assign them as needed by pressing the program button on the back. If you need to manually change the Forza Horizon gear, or if you want to move the RS press to the back of the controller, that’s more than possible. Again, it’s a really easy-to-use system that works perfectly for us. The good thing is that once programmed, the same button will be remembered in the next session even if you disconnect Spectra from your Xbox.

I think that’s enough to put it in one controller, but Spectra also has a trigger lock. Available to lock the left and right triggers independently of each other, two highly tactile clickable switches on the back help adjust the trigger’s pull distance.If you are looking to get some fast firing Call of Duty: Vanguard Also Battlefield 2042, These will surely be useful. I’m not a big fan of trigger locks and rarely feel that requirement, but it’s there when needed.

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I’ve been sitting here now and using the PowerA Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller for a few weeks, and I’m pretty sure I don’t like it. Needless to say, many will find cable restrictions a bit of a problem, but at 10 feet long, kittens looking for new toys and young kids wanting to drag themselves across the room. Unless, it’s rarely too much negative consideration. Obviously it would be great if we could incorporate the multiple extensions found in this controller into our wireless options, but the brilliance of this controller will always charge the battery pack you need.

It’s obviously a cable that’s a block for many, but if you can see it past it and imagine a controller that’s not only comfortable to the hand, but also slightly customizable and highly colorful, there’s no mistake. Got a PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox.

A big thank you to PowerA for providing Spectra for review.If you want it, you are best to get over yourself PowerA Direct..It’s on Amazon Too – £ 39.99 is easy.

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Review

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