PQube Releases Completely Free “Danmachi” Shmup at Switch eShop

Is It Wrong to Seek a Dungeon? -Infinite battle Must be ranked as one of the stupidest names in video games So far, But RPG – this is based on Is it the town that wants to meet in the dungeon?, Or “Danmachi” is more commonly known among fans and is still a good choice for enthusiastic followers of this genre.

Game-based shmup – title when it was first released in Japan Is it wrong to shoot a girl seeking to meet in a dungeon? – Delivered as a pre-order DLC, Western publisher PQube has confirmed that it will release the exact same game for free in its e-shop – and you don’t even have to own the main game to access it.

Is it wrong to shoot a girl seeking to meet in a dungeon? Scheduled to be released earlier this week, PQube points out that there were some issues with making it available in the e-shop.

Here are some PRs:

Dominate Loki Familia’s premier swordfighter, AIDS Warrenstein, and fight hordes of enemies with this dungeon-based shooting side crawler (is it wrong to try to pick up a girl in a dungeon?).

Aiz has a powerful “windshot”.

Choose from a total of 5 support characters from the story and make full use of their various shooting styles to complete the dungeon! Start with just Tiona and Refya, and unlock the other three once you’ve cleared the game.

Collect the power-ups that appear when you defeat your enemies to increase your life from speed and get the best score!

The game has four stages, each with a boss. Be prepared to change your tactics and blow up before trying again.

There are four levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard and Death, and you have the chance to enjoy this free shooter, from beginners to experienced shooters.

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