PQube releases western version of Busta fellows in 2021

PQube has confirmed that it handles the western version of Bustafellows. In addition, the title is planned for 2021 in North America and Europe.

Originally released only in Asia, Bustafellows is a fascinating maiden visual novel with incredible urban noir aesthetics, accentuated by the stunning characters and environmental art of renowned artist Sumeragi Kohaku. Mixing dangerous romance with murder mystery, players are invited to dive into the protagonist, solve the mystery and make decisions that could change the course of history!

Following a great reception for its launch in Japan in 2019, the Basta Fellow is one of the most anticipated visual novels in the West.

Incredible story and interactive gameplay

With romance, mystery, dangerous relationships, and the power to go back in time, Basta Fellows are involved in a thrilling plot of love and murder, acting as the heroine’s protagonist. Use Notepad to record clues and important information to solve important puzzles and navigate complex relationships as you travel through this sizzling interactive mystery and find love!

Introducing a whole new time-sensitive gameplay mechanic, Bustafellows challenges players to make intuitive and wise choices when faced with difficult choices. When building your love interests and intimacy with this exciting and sultry maiden novel, the choice is important, so make a decision or skip wisely! !!

5 romance options

Build romantic relationships with Limbo, Shu, Helvetica, Mozu and Scarecrow. Five dangerous guys who might fall in love with you. Choose a route and build love with each handsome guy through an interactive system.


Explore the different routes and endings that are reflected in the choices you make during the story. Shape your story through the choices you make, and unlock special side stories to learn everything about each character and their true feelings!

PQube publishing western version of Bustafellows in 2021

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