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The NBA’s off-season is booming by us, and the training camp is just a few weeks old, signaling the beginning of the pre-season part of the year.

There is a big question to answer throughout the league. Can Milwaukee Bucks defend the NBA Championship? Can Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers stay healthy? Has Ben Simmons Trading Ever Happened?

The answers to these questions will come soon, but the NBA is, first and foremost, a number game. Looking at the crystal ball, we try to predict the leaders and statistical output of the following categories of leagues: scoring, rebound, assist, stock (steal and block), 2-point shoot, 3-point shoot, 3 created Pointer.

Let’s start with the scoring category. One of the best scorers in NBA history wins the honor here.

NBA Statistics Leader: Scoring-Stephen Curry
Predicted average: 31.5

For teams with better records Stephen Curry It would have been an MVP last season. His Golden State Warriors were 39-33, a good record given their early struggle, but they were just a poor play-in team against the Los Angeles Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies.

It was a short-handed team that lost Klay Thompson, and Curry had to carry a ridiculous scoring load in defense of sending him double and triple teams on all possessions. Nonetheless, he led the NBA, averaging a high career of 32.0 points per game. Curry’s volume should be a little lower as Thompson is back, but he still fires away from the 3-point range with historic volume and success rate.

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Predict 2022 season leaders in all statistical categories Predict 2022 season leaders in all statistical categories

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