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After a performance full of personal and collective highlights against Valladolid, Barcelona will face Eibar at Camp Nou as the Riga table begins to take shape.

Date and kickoff time: Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 19:15 CET

Stadium: Camp Nou

competition: Riga, Matchday 19

Referee: Javier Alberola LOHAS

Overview Overview Overview

As we approach Riga’s Matchday 19, the table is beginning to take shape. Barcelona is in 5th place, but Catalans could move up to 3rd place this week. Thanks to the solid performance against Real Valladolid and some good results, the trust among players should be high.

On the contrary, Eibar is 17th at the table, and the victory over the Catalan may be necessary for the side of the Hosel Ismendi River to start climbing the table.

What do you expect from Barcelona?

After the disappointing start of the season, the Catalans are finally starting to gain momentum. Under Ronald Koeman, there were many positives and negatives, as expected. The final match against Real Valladolid falls into the former, thanks to a comprehensive performance of individual and collective brilliance.

With a backline of three, Barcelona was able to unleash a full back – both with quality performance. Because this led to better and more frequent attack play Pedri Gonzalez was able to show off his great creativity And liquidity. The 3-4-2-1 formation that was shown in the last game was impressive, but we also need to consider the opposition that we are facing in a way that is close to the formation that we can expect from Eibar.

Pedri has the world at his feet. (Photo via Imago)

For the Valladolid side, which is often lined up in 4-4-2, the backline of three people was a good choice as it allowed a certain 3v2 during buildup. Eibar plays 4-2-3-1 and the attacker frequently pushes the opponent’s backline. 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 from Barcelona would be better, as at least three attackers are trying to take ownership high on the field.

Barcelona, ​​as always, aims to stack up from behind and play ownership-oriented games. Talisman Lionel Messi is set to miss this match He is being treated for an ankle injury. 4-2-3-1 seems to be the most likely formation, and 4-3-3 is also possible. Inform Martin Brightweight Lead the line. at the same time, Philippe Coutinho continues to find his place in Barcelona XI..

What do you expect from Eibar?

Jose Luis Mendilibar’s Eibar is just above the relegation zone and has scored 15 points in many games. Los Ameros, Being one of Riga’s small teams, it has no resources or production comparable to Barcelona. However, Mendy River has shaped the team into a brave, passionate and ambitious group.

Even against much stronger opposition, Eibar often plays a high backline. When the full back and center half push the field up, the forward appears to mark the opponent’s defender and force an error. The press is the backbone of this side. With the second highest success rate of pressure attempts at Liga this season, the press used by Mendi River has become something Barcelona needs to be aware of.

For sides like Barcelona that aim to build up from behind, the man-marking approach is preferred and the intent of the attack is clear. Eibar’s attacks consist of several repeating patterns. The winger greatly expands his opponent’s defense (with the help of Barcelona’s 3-4-2-1), creating space for the other two to move forward in the middle.

The focus is on the lower left attack, partly due to Gil’s influence and partly because Takashi Inui preferred to play in the left half-space.

Hosel Ismendi River I expect a huge performance from his costume tomorrow. (Photo via Imago)

When transitioning from offensive to defensive, Eibar forms 4-4-2. In this 4-4-2, the midblock is most often seen. Midfield 4 is very highly structured and freedom is limited until ownership is regained. Once ownership is restored, the wing is responsible for crossing the ball from the wing after the forward is in place.

As they try many crosses, more players commit positively to increase their chances of scoring. This often makes Eibar vulnerable to counterattacks.

It is clear that Eibar is not comparable to Barcelona in terms of pure quality. But this is a team that cannot be underestimated. Their xG and xGA show that the Mendy River side is disappointed that they can’t end their chances. The xG of 14 is higher than the 11 goals scored, revealing a shortage of final products. With a strong defensive record that allowed 15 goals (3 less than 18 xGA), there is a clear foundation on which to base.

Slightly better attack power, especially when combined with their press capabilities Los Armeros Against Blau Grana..

Featured player

Brian Gil

With a loan from Sevilla, Brian Gil has been a very exaggerated player for many years. With the sporadic appearance of the Andalusians, Gil did not actually establish himself in Seville’s first team. Most of his appearances took place in Copa del Rey and lacked playtime, so a loan transfer to the first part of Spain was considered a good step for his career.

Brian Gil must be taken care of by the defense of Barcelona. (Photo via Imago)

Eibar is a great place for a 19 year old child to thrive. He has already played 11 times in Riga and plays an important role in Mendy River. Left-wing Gil is electric, and a well-balanced, fast-paced dribble is a horror for defenders.

His cross is rarely poor, as his xA / 90 stat 0.28 shows. Of all the league players, Gil is in the top 10 of the XA / 90, with a keypass of 23 with just nine starts, the player dribbles and passes, nutmeg and crosses into the penalty area.

In Eibar’s attack, Gil is the one Barcelona needs to be aware of. The balance between his unpredictability and good decision-making can make a big difference in this match.


FC Barcelona

Previous game: WDWWL

Real Valladolid 0-3 Barcelona | Liga
Barcelona 2-2 Valencia | La Liga
Barcelona 2-1 Real Sociedad | La Liga
Barcelona 1-0 Levante | Riga
Barcelona 0–3 Juventus | UEFA Champions League

Position in Liga

5th place
24 points in 14 games
7 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses
28 goals scored, 14 goals scored
+14 goal difference


Previous game: LLWDD

Deportivo Alavés 2-1 Eibar | Riga
Eibar 1-3 real Madrid | Liga
Racing Rioja CF0-2 Eibar| Copa del Rey
Real Sociedad 1-1 Eibar | La Liga
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Position in Liga

15th day
15 points in 15 games
3 wins 6 draws 6 losses
Scored 11 goals and conceded 15 goals
-4 goal difference

Direct recording

Previous meeting

Barcelona 5-0 Eibar | La Liga 2019/20
Eibar 0-3 Barcelona | Liga 2019/20
Eibar 2-2 Barcelona | La Liga 2018/19
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Match the facts

  • Barcelona has never lost to Eibar and has only drawn once.
  • On average, this fixture sees 3.9 goals per match.
  • Two of Eibar’s last five collisions exceeded 2.5 goals, but three witnessed goals at both ends.

Team news

FC Barcelona


Injured person: Gerard Piqué (knee), Ansu Fati (knee), Sergi Roberto (hamstring), Lionel Messi (ankle)
pause: Jordi Alba

Possible lineup


ter Stegen
Destination ・ Arauho ・ Mingeza ・ Firpo
Daejeon Busquets
Griezmann Pedri Coutinho
Bright weight

coach: Ronald Koeman



Injured person: Robert, Sergienrich, Paul Oliviera
I doubt it: Jose Antonio Martinez
pause: Not applicable

Possible lineup


Pozo Burgos Bigas Alvilla
Alvarez / Expósito Jaén
Leon Inui Gil

coach: Hosel Ismendi River


Eibar is a team that can disrupt Barcelona’s playing style. There is a good combination of personality and quality among players, especially attackers. Nonetheless, Barcelona’s recent form, their home form, the players they have, and their pure quality match what Catalans can take on their necks.

Barça Universal Forecast: Barcelona 3-1 Eibar

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Predict Barcelona’s lineup for SD Eibar Predict Barcelona’s lineup for SD Eibar

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