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Last week: 11-5, push season forecast to 18-14 in 2 weeks

All routes are from Bet Online as of 9/22 4:00 pm ET.

Sunday games

-Jacksonville Jaguars Arizona Cardinals (+7.5): Urban Meyer learns the difficult way that these cardinals are not Ball State University. Jacksonville Defense is still looking for the first takeaway of the season.

Cardinals 33, Jaguar 18

-Tennessee Titans Indianapolis Colts (-5): This game may legally decide to race in the AFC South area. The Titans are 1-1 and at Homewin here you can fill 0-3 with more defective Colts than advertised. During Carson Wentz’s injury, OL pain, and a secondary straight from the Big 12, Colts has a serious problem if Ryan Tannehill, AJ Brown & Company understands it. Given how Titan has played so far, it’s certainly not given. It’s still a good week to use Titan in survivor fantasy games.

Titans 34, Colts 19

-Detroit Lions Voltimo Ravens (+8): It’s easy to fall into my Lions, and they have little chance in this game with their youthful secondary and Dollar General Wide Receiving Corps. But now look at TJ Hockenson. Ravens gave up abundant catches and yards to Darren Waller and Travis Kelce in the first two weeks, and now they pull Hockenson-he has the most receptions in TE throughout the two weeks. Hook may make 11 catches at 116 yards and TD. These are two of the worst five pass defenses in the league, so raise the buckle and beat them at 50.5!

Ravens 44, Lions 30

-Buffalo Bills Washington Football Team (-7.5): Bills has a 35-0 shutout victory in Miami, which puts a lot of weird clouds in the predictions. How good was the defense against the terrible performance of Tua Tagovailoa and his post-injury replacement Jacoby Brissette? How worried is Josh Allen staying in his weird funk even with an explosive victory? Will Bills be overconfident in getting out of a win that’s too easy? Can football team QB Taylor Heinicke emphasize Bills’ defense?

Bet on this at your risk …

Bills 24, football team 17

-New Orleans Saints of the New England Patriots (-3): Saints performed best in the first week and the worst in the second week. New England is a bad place to settle into normal conditions.

Patriots 20, Saints 17

-Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers (-6.5): After the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes lost ahead of schedule on Sunday night, the week will be reorganized and regained. The Chargers can be very interesting if they avoid the mistakes that were made in the second week’s defeat to Dallas. The lack of speed in midfield defense in Kansas City (outside Tyrann Mathieu) is a real problem for guys like Austin Eckeller and Justin Herbert in QB scramble. However, in shootouts, you improve your overall firepower and form a team.

Chiefs 37, Chargers 31

-New York Giants Atlanta Falcons (-3): My thoughts on Atlanta’s Matt Ryan are well summarized by avid Giants fans Koheed and Cumbria’s (great) latest single, Shoulders.

You don’t get in the way

Just to keep me down

Maybe we weren’t made for each other

And I’m just someone you can keep around

Turn your own rock drill into a man and your battle station into a man!

Giants 28, Falcons 24

-Chicago Bears in Cleveland Browns (-7): The Justin Fields era begins in Chicago. Browns’ defense was strangely overwhelmed in the first two weeks, so it’s not a terrible place to try him. Cleveland has yet to establish a defensive identity this year, beyond the fact that there are many talented people in the field. If Joe Woods of Browns DC doesn’t do a little more aggressively against guys like Myles Garrett, Jadebeon Crowney, Jeremiah Ouskolamoa, Johnson, Denzel Ward, the field can abuse it. I can do it.

look? Browns has some great works on defense. Time for them to assemble the puzzle …

Browns 27, Bears 20

-Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals (-3): There was a question as to whether Ben Roethlisberger could participate in this AFC North match for a week. He plays, but Star Pass Rusher’s TJ Watt has been excluded. If Roethlisberger plays, S

Steelers 28, Bengals 17

-Las Vegas Raiders Miami Dolphins (-4): The first time I saw Jacoby Briss in Miami was not positive. And now he has made his first start with the undefeated Raiders in Miami. Raiders don’t seem to be a fluke throughout the two weeks. Las Vegas is very good at counter punching and opponent wear. This may end early with TKO …

Raiders 30, Dolphin 12

-Los Angeles Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1.5): Tom Brady and the undefeated Bucks have been tested in action at the new-looking Rams behind Matthew Stafford and are probably the best game on the slate. But for all media focused on quarterbacks, I think the game depends on which team can run the ball more efficiently.

A yard in a hurry can be misleading. They tend to be valued in bulk, but the yards per carry are much more important than the sum of the rush yards. More importantly, the ability to effectively run the ball first down or second and short is often one of the most obvious predictors of results. And here is the surprise. Rams are much better than Buccaneers throughout the two weeks. I hang my predictive hat on it slimy.

Rams 24, Buccaneers 20

-Minnesota Viking Seattle Seahawks (+2): I have a little premonition here, but I can’t believe this Viking team is bad enough to start 0-3. Seattle can certainly win and probably deserves support, but I’m looking for a more macro level here. Don’t ask me how that happens, but Mike Zimmer’s crew finds a way down the road without victory.

Viking 22, Seahawks 20

-Denver Broncos New York Jets (-10.5): I love someone as much as the NFL schedule maker loves Denver Broncos. This is the third game in which Broncos begins the season against teams that haven’t won since the third week. The sledge will be tougher in the fourth week with Baltimore, but until then, enjoy the tremendously favorable early season results. Schedule, Broncos fan …

Broncos 32, Jets 13

-San Francisco 49ers Green Bay Packers (-3.5): When I sat down to write this forecast, I comfortably beat the Packers behind the connection between Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. Forty-niners are a secondary, especially suffering from injuries, and have no answer.

But then I considered other offensive vs defensive matches, and I feel the Packers might really have a problem here. Their pass rush does not exist, period. Their LB isn’t bad, but without their help, Kyle Shanahan’s diverse attacks can’t ruin what they want to do.

So now I’m really in conflict. I can have a compelling argument for both teams to win. Next is the X factor. It is a green bay of prime time. Expect at least one exorbitantly fake unfair call at a turning point that gives packers the greatest positive gain, even on the road. Prove that I’m wrong, NFL …

Packers 28, 49ers 26

Monday night

Cowboys Eagles (-4): Finally, we’ll have a compelling NFC East match that will attract viewers. long time no see. My money is spent by Dak Prescott and his talented pass catcher hilarious band to exploit some holes in the Eagles defense. Watch Tony Pollard continue to evolve on Ezekiel Elliott as the Top Cowboys RB, and see how difficult it is for some Dallas fans to reconcile it.

Cowboys 34, Eagles 28

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Predict the outcome of each NFL Week 3 match Predict the outcome of each NFL Week 3 match

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