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The centrally located Phoenix Suns merry-go-round continues. This afternoon, Frank Kaminsky was announced to go out indefinitely due to a stress response in his right knee.

Simply put, the stress response occurs when a particular bone area is overly damaged or stressed. Therefore, for Kaminsky, he does not appear to have been structurally damaged at this point, but he should refrain from basketball activities to avoid doing so.

Kaminsky missed the last two Phoenix games against the Dallas Mavericks, but contributed primarily. Team surge in the last few weeks, Completely filled in Deandre Ayton Worked his way back from his own injury.

So far this year, with an average of 10.6 points per game and a career-high 4.6 rebounds, Sands is now Marquee roll player Probably a few weeks. Kaminsky also noticed that he was shooting his career-54.5 percent from the field and 90.0 percent from the charity stripes are the best.

However, apart from his court influence, few players seemed to spur the locker room comrades more than Kaminsky. Sands certainly expects him to get stuck while he recovers, but the team’s practice and his pending absence on the bench are like Phoenix, which is currently firing on all cylinders. It still feels like a guts punch for a good team.

As far as the stress response and their typical healing timeline are concerned, their history with NBA players is not one of the fastest returns.

for reference, Seth Curry I experienced a stress response on my left foot while at the Dallas Mavericks in 2017. Mavericks initially excluded curry indefinitely, but after four months he decided that surgery was needed and then excluded it during the season.

Jrue Holiday Also suffered from stress response With his right foot while playing at the New Orleans Pelicans in 2015. Initially suggested that the holiday would be absent for two to four weeks, he tried to recover and exacerbated his injury, then did not recover until three months later.

When injured, Monty Williams was a holiday coach and finished his last season with Bayeux. We’ve seen in advance what an injury can bring to a player, so expect him and Sands to proceed with great care while dealing with Kaminsky. He’s probably sitting for a few weeks instead of the failed two- to four-week timeline previously given on Holiday.

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Prediction of the Frank Kaminsky Injury Timeline of the Sun Based on NBA History Prediction of the Frank Kaminsky Injury Timeline of the Sun Based on NBA History

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