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Brazil National team coach Tight said Wednesday that there was a deep-seated systematic prejudice against black national coaches.

Brazil’s top flight now has Marcao, one of Fluminense’s black coaches, after replacing Roger Machado in this summer’s post. In 2019, they were the only two black coaches on the top flight.

Marcao, In an interview with Folha de Sao Paulo Last week he started a public debate when he talked about the lack of opportunities for black Brazilian coaches. On Wednesday, Tight repeated Marcao’s words.

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“I stand up. I have fought hard against my ignorance. I tried to read, learn, study. And I keep trying. I can’t pretend that hypocrisy doesn’t exist, so I fight hypocrisy. So I answer even when I’m uncomfortable. Certainly there is prejudice, and it’s rooted, deeply rooted, and systematic. That’s right. ” Tight said.. “What I can say is that I have a lot of respect for Roger Mashad. He is probably one of the greatest athletes I have worked with.

“His expertise, his way of holding, is one of my most respected professionals, good and bad. I have to fight prejudice. It’s against black managers. Because it is realistic and probably has to be amplified. This battle for the big picture in the social context. “

In 2019, as Baiano’s manager, Roger Machado began a public debate about the struggles and inequality blacks are suffering in Brazil.

“We have to look back and question ourselves. If Brazil is not prejudiced, why are blacks less educated than whites? 70% of people in prison are black Why are there? Why are young blacks? The most dead people in Brazil? Why do blacks receive lower salaries? “Machad said. “These are all symptoms because the social structure is racist.”

Last week, Marcao told Fora that there were few opportunities for black coaches in Brazil, referring to two other black managers, Christobao Borges and Jorge Luis Andrade, who had no chance at the top level.

Andrade was the last black coach to win the Brazilian Championship in Flamengo in 2009, but at the age of 62 he hasn’t coached a top-class team ever since.

“Today I am happy to represent black people [in the league]I’m proud to talk about it, but on the other hand, we need to think about it, “Marcao said.

“Where is Christobao? [Borges]?? Andrade was the Brazilian champion and had no more chances? meaningless. In other situations he would be in control of another team.

“Why does this happen? Because we are black? Name one coach who was the champion of any country. [and has disappeared]..Where is it [Andrade]?? “Marcao said.

“Christovon Borges hasn’t been a coach since 2020, when he was fired with 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss after seven games in charge of Atletico Go. This is a 66% record. , I haven’t been a coach since 2017.

“Andrade led Flamengo to the Brazilian league title in 2009, and when he was considered the best coach of the year, he had only one chance to coach at an elite club, but was fired by the following year. No club and much success.

“These facts reveal resistance [against Black managers]But my club is one example, and I’m fighting it. “

Brazil, the leader of the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers with a perfect record Venezuela On thursday.

Brazil misses star playmaker Neymar, Midfielder suspended due to accumulation of yellow cards Casemiro, People with dental infections.

Venezuela has scored only four points in the World Cup qualifiers and will lose several players due to injuries and demands from the club not to travel to South America due to the COVID-19 protocol.

After the match against Venezuela, Brazil Columbia Sunday and Uruguay Next thursday.

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Prejudice against black Brazilian managers is systematic Prejudice against black Brazilian managers is systematic

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