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The Premier League announced late Monday on a positive Covid test.

It’s about testing players and staff from 20 Premier League clubs.

These results are from two COVID-19 tests from December 20th to 26th.

Last week, it jumped significantly from 42 positive tests last week to a new record for the 2021/22 Premier League season with 90 positives.

However, today’s announcement sets a new record for 103 new positive cases out of 15,186 tests conducted between December 20th and December 26th.

Much more tests were performed, but this certainly does not mean that more positives were found, but that positive cases were found earlier than before.

So far, the latest increase / record is not a real surprise. Premier League 15 games Although canceled this month, the positive cases of the general public continue to grow with the latest available numbers.

One of the positive trends in the numbers is that the number of Premier League cases more than doubled last week, but this time around 10% in terms of growth.

No new positive cases have yet been reported for Newcastle United players and staff.

Official Premier League announcement – Monday, December 27, 2021:

“Safety for all is a priority, and the Premier League has taken all precautions in response to the effects of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

The league has returned to emergency measures, previously conducting twice-weekly cross-flow tests, but has increased player and club staff tests to daily cross-flow and twice-weekly PCR tests.

The league can confirm today that 15,186 COVID-19 tests have been conducted on players and club staff between Monday, December 20th and Sunday, December 26th. Of these, there were 103 new positive cases.

Premier League COVID-19 emergency measures include protocols such as wearing face covers indoors, observing social distances, limiting treatment times, and increasing tests.

The league continues to work with clubs to keep people safe by helping mitigate the risk of COVID-19 within the team.

We also work closely with governments, local governments, and support groups to respond to future changes to national or local guidance.

The Premier League provides this aggregated information for the purpose of competitive integrity and transparency.

No specific details about the club or individual will be provided by the league and the results will be published weekly.

Previous test results
August 2nd-August 8th 3,118 Tested. 9 Positive
August 9th-August 15th 3,231 tests. 11 Positive
August 16-August 22 3,060 tests. 16 Positive
August 23-August 29 3,020 test; 6 positives
August 30-September 5, 1,952 tests. Two positives
September 6th-September 12th 3,039 test. 3 positives
September 13th-September 19th, 3,154 tests. Two positives
September 20-September 26, 3,010 tests. One positive
September 27-October 3, 2,927 tests. 4 positives
October 4th-October 10th 1,696 Tests; Zero Positive
October 11-October 3,044 test; 6 positives
October 18-October 24 3,209 tests. 4 positives
25-31 October 3,006 test; 4 positives
1-7 January 2,953 test; 3 positives
November 8-14 1,647 test; 4 positives
November 15-21, 3,188 tests. 6 positives
November 22-28 3,379 tests.Seven positive
November 29-December 5, 3,154 tests. 12 positive
December 6-12, 3,805 tests. 42 Positive
December 13-19, 12,345 tests. 90 positive

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Premier League Announcement-New Record Number of Covid Cases Positive for Players Premier League Announcement-New Record Number of Covid Cases Positive for Players

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