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Using statistics from the Premier League website, the list below reveals the 10 goalkeepers who have made the most mistakes leading to opposite goals on top English flights since the start of the 2016-17 season. I will.

1. Jordan Pickford

Pickford was often a reliable goalkeeper for England, but he made many mistakes in the Premier League. During his time in Sunderland and Everton, he made 15 errors leading to the goal.

Manchester United legend Roy Keane told Sky Sports in March 2020 that “the conclusion with Pickford doesn’t require looking at statistics.” He is not until then. “

2. Hugo Lloris

Since moving to Tottenham in 2012, Loris has always been on the London side and has grown to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

However, he has made 11 errors over the last four and a half years leading to Premier League goals.

3. Asmir Begović

Begović has played only 64 games in the Premier League since the start of 2016-17, yet he made 10 mistakes and scored a goal.

He has also made 27 mistakes in Portsmouth, Stoke, Chelsea and Bournemouth and is the most error-prone keeper in Britain’s top flight history.

5 = Martin Dubravka

The goalkeeper has recently lost his team position to Karl Darlow after making nine mistakes leading to an opposite goal in the Premier League.

5 = David de Gear

Dean has also been under great pressure from Dean Henderson, having made nine errors in the Premier League leading to Manchester United’s goal since its inception in 2016-17.

“I was shocked by that goal,” Roy Keane told Sky Sports during the club’s draw with Tottenham in 2020.

“I can’t believe the show lifted the ball into the air and ran forward. I staggered at McGwire. I staggered what international players could accomplish in this way, and I at this goalkeeper. I’m sick to death.

“I’ll punish him in half-time, and I can’t escape from it. I’ll punch the guy. An established international goalkeeper? I was surprised.”

8 = Lucash Fabianski

After being considered a surplus to the Emirates requirements, Fabianski impressed Swansea City and has become West Ham’s most trusted player in recent years.

However, he made three errors leading to the 2019-20 goal, bringing the total for the last four and a half years to seven.

8 = Petr Čech

Čech joined Arsenal at dusk in his career and made seven errors leading to opposite goals in his last three campaigns before cutting his gloves in 2019.

8 = Bernd Leno

Reno moved to Arsenal in 2018 and had a difficult debut season at the club. He scored goals in 32 Premier League games with five mistakes.

The German goalkeeper managed to overcome that poor start and made two more mistakes in the last year and a half.

10 = Ederson

The key to Manchester City’s playing style is Ederson’s ability to keep the ball at his feet, but it’s not without risk and the goalkeeper has made six mistakes in the Premier League.

10 = Allison

Alison helped Liverpool win the Champions League and Premier League, consolidating his position as one of the best keeper in the world.

However, he still makes six errors that lead to league goals, including one that screamed Jamie Carragher.

“He said,’Not today, not today,’ and I said,’It’s a matter of mistake. You can’t decide when to commit.’ All we can do is learn it.” Said Jurgen Klopp after losing to Citi 4-1.

“I’m sure that’s what he does and it won’t happen to him again. That’s it. But I think it was decisive tonight!

“It’s okay, he saved our lives. He’s definitely a world-class goalkeeper and some things went a little wrong tonight. We need to take it There is and will do it. “

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Premier League goalkeeper with the most errors leading to goals Premier League goalkeeper with the most errors leading to goals

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