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Have you ever wanted to change the world? Would you like to remove everything you don’t like so you can do it your way? If so, you may have one or two things in common with Nika. She’s a clever 7-year-old girl who doesn’t like the world she lives in, so she used her skills to create a 10-foot-high combat mecha, MechaNika, and destroy everything that wasn’t great. These include history books, planned obsolescence, kitsch dresses, endless saga in boring video games, and pea soup.

As soon as you join Nika in this adventure, you will find that you are not the only one to have a “special” plan for the world. Therefore, you need to deal with them in some way. During your mission, you enter a flashy paradise of obligatory happiness, discover a techno slavery empire dominated by infamous companies, and create a digital hideaway for dull and uninspired storytellers. I will visit. You and Nika cross the world of mental illness and discover 18 completely different environments. There are many things out there that aren’t as cool as they exist anymore. It’s time to reset. Or maybe not. Because as you explore this world of mental illness, you’ll meet many freaks and face unexpected situations where things can look different. You need to use wit to evaluate possible outcomes and make difficult and irreversible decisions.

Colossus down

To help you make the right decision, MechaNika has four threatening weapons: a radial saw to cut, a stunning electromagnetic emitter, an explosive doll grenade launcher, and a heavy mass of propellant. .. Not enough? Don’t worry, you can collect metal scraps from defeated enemies and destroyed environments and use them to increase the energy of the mechanica core. The new core level means that the new special attack has been unlocked. And you can choose four: Dam Shredder, Electro Blast, Pyrolean, and Ground Gracquer.The decisive god of chaos, the deadly mecha of weapons of mass destruction, is waiting for you Colossus down..

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Speaking of gods. Nika has a friend Agatha. She is an insomniac girl who loves animals, enjoys eating meat, and works in her mother’s butcher who slaughter piglets and chicks at night. And she just created a new religion for animals, carnism. The carnist gods Agatha and the Heeping Pig join you, Nika and Mechanica in your quest for destruction, spreading the word of their plump religion and converting all the heretics.Two player cooperation mode Colossus down After that, it will be summoned.

Colossus down

This cooperative mode features new story events and a new layer of deeper strategic combat, thanks to a new set of pig god skills: magic meatballs, corrosive blood tears, and apparent , A very sharp butcher’s knife. Four more special attacks will be available for the Great Bleeding Pig to unlock during the quest. It’s tornado chopping, flock purification, scarlet vomiting, and divine wrath.

Colossus down

Colossus down Is the latest epic of Psycotic Adventures. This is a cross-genre series of games with dark stories and twisted characters from the unique and colorful world of Psychotic. Strategic destruction, decision making, and spicy plots come together in this combination of fighting games, shooters, platforming, and puzzles. Join forces with Nika, Mechanica, Agatha and the Great Breeding Pig in this unique and crazy mission. So are you ready for destruction?

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Nika has just finished the first phase of her plan to destroy everything that isn’t cool. It is the construction of a combat mecha called MechaNika. You won’t have time to lose, so join Nika to gain control of Mechanica and destroy the entire planet. You have to put an end to the endless saga of history books, planned obsolescence, kitsch dresses, boring video games and pea soup. And if there are people in the world who hate vegetables more than Nika, it’s her friend Agatha, an insomniac butcher and carnist prophet, who loves animals and their juicy meat equally. That’s why, when she learns the purpose of Nika’s plan, she hesitates to join the mission of destruction with the carnist god, the Great Breathing Pig, to eat the grass that gets in the way and conquer those who don’t believe. I will not. But along the way, you’ll find that it’s not just Nika and Agatha who have plans to change the world, but everything isn’t as simple as it first seemed. You will have to make some difficult and irreversible decisions or abandon them to achieve your goals.

Get Ready for Destruction in Colossus Down for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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