Prepare for the ultimate confrontation in deep space with Ark Genesis Part 2

Everyone at Studio Wildcard is eagerly waiting for the opportunity to publish the second part. Ark: Survival Evolution Genesis Saga will start in March 2021. And this weekend, at the annual Extra Life charity event, the Ark community raised over $ 180,000 for children. We finally did that and made a lot of plans for the future.

Continue the story of Ark: GenesisThe second article takes place in a huge adjoining new world full of mysterious biomes, story-driven missions, and creatures from another world. Aboard a giant colony ship traveling in deep space, the survivors join the elaborate HLN-A in their final confrontation with her archenemy, Sir Edmund Rockwell. Utilizing all the experience of Ark so far is the key to overcoming this challenge!

This expansion pack is the largest ever and has additional game-changing features for all kinds of survivors. View all the statistics and mutations of your eggs and greet them conveniently with new structures that improve your quality of life, such as an egg incubator that allows you to hatch eggs at optimal temperatures while freely hatching. Or an ammo box that automatically fills all nearby turrets (mount or automatic) with the required ammo. Not to mention loadout mannequins, players can quickly change loadouts with full single press equipment and hot bar replacement.Convenience and practicality are many Genesis Part 2 item!

Ark Genesis Part 2

And, of course, without more fantastic creatures, it wouldn’t be an extension of the Ark! We will add “Nogrin” that controls the brain, “Shadowman”, a chimera prowler for group cloaking, a huge mechanical “Strider” that has been adapted so far, and a true star fighter “Astro Delphis”.

Perform radical tricks on new skateboards like Hoversail, remotely manage and view your base with a TEK security camera, or embody arrows on the fly with a new TEK bow. Even so, Genesis Part 2 has something a little bit for everyone. !! !!

Ark Genesis Part 2

While preparing for this conclusion to the epic story, we welcome a new narration talent in the Ark Universe! Malicious Sir Edmund Rockwell’s roles are David Tennant (“Doctor Who”, “Good Omens”), Madeleine Madden (“The Wheel of Time”, “Picnic at Hanging Rock”, “Dora” The Lost City “) plays. of Gold “) will play the loyal robot AI companion HLN-A / Helena Walker!

Not only will we discuss our upcoming plans, but we must not forget them now. The newly released “TLC Update # 3” is now available in the Ark, providing old friend-friendly and affectionate care. Woolly Mammoths and Stegosaurus have received powerful new abilities and visual improvements, as well as insect and wyvern breeding, a versatile new tame interface, and more quality of life changes!

Ark Genesis Part 2

We are also announcing to all Xbox players that Ark’s original DLC expansion pack was released on the Xbox Game Pass on November 17th, making Ark’s beautiful Xbox Series X expansion upgrades available. This includes features such as 4K output at 30-60 FPS. Maximum texture resolution, tetherless non-dedicated hosting, tetherless split screen, 100 player dedicated server hosting, 7x faster loading and more.

Finally, we are forever grateful to our community for supporting and pushing us since our launch. Ark To a new height! So what’s next? Now, pay attention to the December 10th Game Awards. There are some special events. Ark announcement! Until then, everyone will survive happily!

ARK: Survival evolution

ARK: Survival evolution

Studio Wildcard



Being left behind on the shores of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. Use your cunning to kill or tame the primordial creatures roaming the land, meet other players, survive, dominate, and escape! Tame, train, breed, and ride dinosaurs in living ecosystems Over 50 creatures can be tamed using challenging suppression and protection processes. It weakens and knocks out wild creatures and grows them healthy. Once tamed, you can issue commands to your pet. This may be followed depending on the degree of tame and training. Pets level up and continue to consume food, carrying inventory and equipment. Fly Pteranodon to the top of the mountain, run through the jungle with Raptors packs, and chase your prey with T-Rex! Experience a dynamic ecosystem with its own predator-prey hierarchy. Breed pets across generations to produce the best traits. Or, more simply, breed and grow Dino Baby! Food, water, temperature, weather Eat and drink to survive and use different foods of different nutritional values ​​(including human meat!). All actions drain food and water, and long-distance trips drain. The weight of inventory slows you down, and day / night cycles and weather change the environment. Make clothes, build shelters, and use fire to protect yourself from damage and elements. Harvest, Craft, Paint Items Harvest trees and ores to become a Master Crafter. Use your hands, Smithy, or fabricators to create increasingly complex and powerful gear. Build large basses with modular pieces, from thatch to wood, stone and metal. Customize the base by painting the base and placing signs that you can actually draw. You can also paint weapons, clothing, and armor gear to create your own visual style. Bring rare items that summon the ultimate life form to a special summoning location to awaken the mythical creatures of Ark that arrive ready for battle. These monsters provide the most experienced tribes and their pets with end-of-game goals and create valuable items if they are defeated. Level up your survivors by gaining experience through RPG STATISTICS in-game actions to learn new craft engrams and finding blueprints for higher level items in the most dangerous parts of the arc. Customize the look of your character using a complex character creation system. HARDCORE MECHANICS items are durable and will wear out if not repaired. At the end of the game, the character remains “sleeping” in a permanent world. Your inventory also exists in a permanent world that is vulnerable to theft. Death means permanent loss, and you can even enslave other players for your own purposes. LARGE WORLD PERSISTENCE On player servers over 70, characters, everything you create, and pets stay in-game away. Special themed events will occur around the world with the corresponding limited run items!

Prepare for the Ultimate Showdown in Deep Space with Ark Genesis Part 2

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