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Our team at Counterplay Games can’t wait to get Godfall for PlayStation 5 on November 12th. That’s when the real fun begins! Before that, we are proud to deliver the launch trailer today.

We hope you are ready to overcome the challenges and earn rewards to save the world of Aperion. Our passionate team is very grateful for all the support and encouragement we have already received. We have worked tirelessly to create a beautiful world that you can explore. It also creates a fascinating experience filled with lots of combat and, of course, loot to collect.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a week since the launch of Godfall and PS5. We wanted to give you the final look of the game before it was released, so we’ll show you how to set up a custom loadout in Seventh Sanctum, the home base in Aperion. We’ll then elaborate on how to test its loadout by briefly introducing you to the first boss battle in the Water Realm with a Thracian warrior.

Let’s dive!

Preparing for the mission

At Seventh Sanctum, it’s completely safe to practice your journey with a training construct. You can swap Valor plates, choose loadouts, upgrade loot at Forge, and organize parties for cooperation.

Please select a Valor plate

Before you dive into a mission, you need to choose the baller plate that you think is most effective. For example, you can take advantage of dizziness. Her baller plate symbolizes wisdom and can supercharge shock damage, rewarding electric shock build paths that do damage over time.

Once you’ve selected the Valor plate, start how to start equipping.

Gear selection

The character screen helps you understand the build at a glance. On the far right, you’ll see overall statistics and key attributes. You may track your standard attack damage, spirit increases ability damage, and vitality represents your overall health. It also displays additional information such as chances of a critical strike.

There are 8 different equipment slots available within Godfall. Two weapons, one charm, one amulet, two rings, one lifestone, and a banner. All of these instruments help change and amplify key statistics. Today we’ll take a closer look at weapons, lifestones and banners.


Weapons are an important part of Godfall and change playstyles, move sets, and damage types. If you find something great on the field, you can quickly swap any two weapons and equip new ones on the fly. When you select a weapon, you can see detailed statistics, special effects, and a close-up of the weapon itself.

Take retaliation as an example. Carving a mob is a two-handed greatsword.

You can also take advantage of Stormflayers, a set of dual blades for quick single-target DPS execution.


Lifestones can restore health and keep fighting. You can also trigger powerful effects to gain an edge in tough battles.


Banners are AoE buffs that affect you and your collaborators. These effects stack with other banners that allies drop, allowing the team to choose the moment when they truly dominate the battlefield.

Fight with your boss

When you’re ready, head to the holomap and select a mission. Today, I’ll talk a little more about the first boss battle in Waterrealm’s first mission to fight the mighty Thraex.

At the end of Tormentor’s Asylum, you will find a room to house Thraex. Thraex is a very territorial proto-dragon, a good guardian like the fire-breathing German Shepherd.

This challenging battle requires all the tools in your arsenal. Raise the banner, turn on Archon mode, and lie down on the beast while dancing around the attack.

The most dangerous place is right in front of it. Use the side dodge to get the right angle of attack and sneak in front of the Thracian counter with a few strikes. Also, when firing the laser, be sure to raise or slide the shield down.

It’s important to manage cooldowns, such as shield throws and weapon special abilities. If you handle all of this, you can process Thraex and get the loot you deserve.

See you at the launch

In the full game, you can embark on a complete campaign, as well as a side quest called Hunt that offers a more challenging version of this boss and other bosses. After finishing the main story, endgame challenges await you at Dreamstones and Tower of Trials.

We hope you enjoyed Godfall’s build system and this dive into the boss battle. You can’t wait to experience all the missions, realms, baller plates and weapons available for you and your friends on PS5 on November 12th. Pre-order today and you’ll also get exclusive loot. .. Thank you to all of us at Counterplay. See you at launch.

Preparing for a mission in Godfall, out next week on PS5

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