Present: Earn a Little Buddha Mindfulness Kit for you and your friends!

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There is no doubt that this year is a strange holiday season. The annual tradition is reserved for many. Lovers are far away. And I think most of us are angry about getting back to normal.

I feel a lot of difference this year, but one thing that doesn’t change. It’s the spirit of the season. And now that means focusing on what we are grateful for (certainly easier than others at the moment).

For me, above all, it is all of you, the love, kindness, and spiritual generosity you bring to this site.

Just check the comments and forum posts and you’ll know you’re a great group. You care You provide empathy and support. You look beyond the surface, understand instead of judging, and give the kind of love that we all deserve but not always receive.

Sometimes it can be ironic — to focus on the worst human beings and everything that is wrong in the world. But someone comes in and reminds people of good things. That’s this site for me, and I think so for many of you. It’s a place where people share light, even if they know the tremendous darkness. And I can’t think of anything more exciting.

To celebrate you this year, we are offering a new Mindfulness Kit gift. One is for the winner and the other is for the winner to give as a gift to his friends.

What is included in the Mindfulness Kit?

The kit includes a daily mindfulness practice guide and four aromatherapy-based products, including:

  • Soothing bath & shower gel
  • Lavender essential oil roll-on
  • Relaxing pillow spray
  • Lychee flower scented candle

It also includes access to three free digital bonuses:

  • How to Mindful, Blissful, and Rejuvenate Your Shower
  • 5 breathing techniques to calm and focus
  • How to do a bedtime body scan for a restful night’s sleep

Why did you make this kit?

I knew what it was like to get lost in your thoughts and live, so I decided to make this kit. I felt the pain of staying in the past, worrying about the future, repeating what I thought was wrong, and being obsessed with the thoughts of others.

This is my default mental mode, and as I imagine, the programming I’ve lived with applies to many of us.

But I also know the peace and relief that comes from practicing mindfulness. I know how tension and anxiety are relieved when I get out of my head and back in my body.

There are countless ways to do this, including meditation, yoga, and incorporating mindfulness into your daily life. And it concentrates on your breathing and requires nothing but the willingness to return yourself to your breathing when your mind begins to wander.

However, I personally enjoy having tools to enhance my practice, especially aromatherapy products. When connected to the sensations, they are more likely to be firmly attached to the body and are not as powerful as the sensations of smell.

We chose lavender for most of the products in the kit because it has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Whether you’re washing away your worries with a soothing bath and shower gel, taking a deep breath at work after applying a calming essential oil roll-on, or practicing gradual relaxation after spraying a relaxation pillow spray, you’ll find these products useful. You have access to a peaceful and peaceful state.

And let’s face it: we can now use a little peace!

How to enter a free gift

To enter your giveaway, please post a comment below that shares one of the reasons you need this kit.

You can enter until midnight Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, November The winner’s name will be listed at the top of the post on Friday 27thth.. Please note that you need to check then to see if you have won so that you can email me your address!

If you want to get your Mindfulness Kit right away, you can get it here.

Send a lot of love!

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