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Prevent one “bend and lift” injury at a time

Over time, repeated movements, bends, and lifts can cause physical damage to warehouse staff.For Third Party Logistics Service Providers (3PL) Ken LogisticsAs a company working to build a safety culture, these health risks are rapidly becoming a concern.

With that concern, 3PL has begun searching for wearable technologies to prevent picker injuries at more than 90 facilities across the United States. What was needed was a safety-focused technology that was easy to use, minimal setup, and easy to do. Deploy and expand in Kenco’s warehouse.After comparing several musculoskeletal safety technologies, the company chose Soter Analytics’ Clip & Go solution.

Real-time monitoring

One of the first AI-enabled wearables, the Clip & Go solution is designed to train employees to safely bend, move and lift in demanding warehouse environments. It works by monitoring the user’s movements in real time via a small sensor clipped to the worker’s shirt or vest (usually behind the shoulders or neck). Then, using AI and machine learning, the device alerts employees to potentially dangerous movements with audible and vibrating biofeedback. According to both companies, these individual notifications optimize training and health, help prevent injuries, and create sustainable change through real-time training.

Kenco is one of the most physically demanding warehouses and has piloted technology in several different jobs. Mainly focused on pickers. Picker duties require lifting, bending, twisting, and reaching. At the beginning of each shift, employees check out sensors, scan units and link them to individual accounts. Throughout the day, the device provides personalized feedback and collects individual data, such as a breakdown of dangerous movements by type and time. At the end of the shift, the user can also return to the device and rescan to view the shift’s personal data or collect virtual “badges” in a company-configured gaming environment.

Better biomechanics, less risk

The pilot was successful on all accounts. According to Kenco, using Clip & Go technology has reduced dangerous movements by company employees by 22%. Ultimately, this technology not only enables real-time self-correction learning for workers, but also gives managers objective insights into employee behavior in key individual, departmental and even facility areas. Even made it possible to provide targeted training. By focusing on early intervention and prevention by minimizing dangerous movements, rather than just focusing on injury recovery, Kenko provided additional tools to help achieve safety goals. The company says.

Miguel Trivino, Director of Environment, Health and Safety at Kenko Logistics, said: In a press release.. “The results of the Soter pilot program have shown that this product is an effective tool for reducing accidental lifting that can lead to fatigue, pain and even injury. Due to its success, we invested in more Soter devices and extended the program to additional facilities. “

Prevent one “bend and lift” injury at a time Prevent one “bend and lift” injury at a time

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