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Jose Zepeda is a well-established candidate for £ 140, but Josue Vargas is trying to overcome his hump by taking a big step in the competition at ESPN +’s top-ranked main event on Saturday.

Zepeda (34-2, 26 KO) has been one of the strangest and most fascinating fighters in boxing in the last few years since he stepped up to Hosera Milles to compete for the WBC title in February 2019. After losing a majority decision in a tough fight and then returning to September 2019 after an invalid match in Mexico City, he clearly defeated Jose Pedraza. Pedraza has been winning consecutive 140s since then, so it looks better.

But since then, Zepeda has been strangely inconsistent in the three battles. He definitely deserved to beat Kendo Castaneda and Hank Randy, but didn’t do it the way you would expect from a legitimate top candidate in the division. He gave up the ground against both guys, and Castaneda is a fringe guy who lost four straight games after starting his career 17-0 on a small show, while Randy is an old veteran and still Cunning, but no longer considered a true competitor.

During those battles He had an absolutely epic war with Ivan Baranchyk, One of the most thrilling, knockdown, dragout brawls I’ve ever seen. Zepeda maliciously knocked out Baranchyk in the fifth round, and at the age of 32 he was in the prime minister, probably heading to the back end, but maybe not. He can be hit, but he generally does not get much punishment. On his best night, Zepeda looks like a clear top-class operator. On his tougher night, you will wonder why he is so respected. He seems to be just a man who fights up and down to the level of competition.

This is a Mexico-Puerto Rico fight, as 23-year-old Vargas is a Puerto Rican-born New Yorker. This can be fun, or the broadcaster can only repeat it 18 times on TV. It should be noted that “Prodigy” is 19-1 (9 KO) and his one defeat was a 2016 disqualification in Las Vegas.

He beat Kendo Castaneda more stylishly than Zepeda, but Castaneda is probably also his best opponent. It is not yet known what level of capability Vargas has. He’s not a big puncher, but he has great skills and confidence. If you lose, you are considered arrogant, and if you continue to win, you are considered confident.

But this is also a huge step for Vargas.He’s going to sink or swim here, and you also think you have to at least think about whether Jose Zepeda might be a little disappointed in this fight Instead of facing Terence Crawford for a welterweight title..


In collaboration, 25-year-old Puerto Rican bantamweight Carlos Caravaro (14-0, 14 KO) appears to set a perfect record against former title challenger Jonas Sartan (17-5, 11 KO). increase.

The 29-year-old Filipino Sultan won the IBF title in Jerwin Ancajas in 2018 and about a year later in 2019 at Atenko Shidumezweni in South Africa, only 3-2 in the last five games. I lost it. This stretch and half-hearted competition defeated John Riel Casimero through his decision as a junior bantamweight in 2017, before defeating veteran Sonny Boy Jaro. He’s a tough fighter, unstoppable and seems to be the right choice for Caravaro, who has never passed the sixth round. This is set to 10.

Notable junior featherweight Jonathan Guzman (24-1, 23 KO) will also play an active role against Carlos Jackson (17-1, 11 KO). Neither is a prospect, but both need victory. Support Guzman there, but then you never know.

If not, it’s a prospect parade, which may be the most interesting thing Jahi Tucker (4-0, 2 KO) and Kasir Goldston (3-0, 1 KO) are actually working on. The two 18-year-olds turned pro with the same card last September and fought at the top-ranked show on June 12. Tucker is already a full welterweight and Goldston will probably be by the time he is ready to face real competition.

How to see

Zepeda-Vargas will only livestream on ESPN + from 6:55 pm EST on a full card. Bad Left Hook is here live.

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Preview: Jose Zepeda clashes with Josue Vargas, Caravaro Sultan and more Preview: Jose Zepeda clashes with Josue Vargas, Caravaro Sultan and more

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