Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s quest for cancer conquest begins

Famous for its cancer research and annual lottery, the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation has begun a quest to conquer cancer in collaboration with Streamers and their communities.

Interested parties can sign up to host the stream, regardless of the size of the community. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation has also announced that a special week-long event will be held from December 5th to 12th, “Explore Together and Conquer Together.” Includes special streams, game challenges and prize drops from Stonemountain64. Nick Eh 30 And Digital Extremes More!

Michael Barnes, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, said: “At Quest to Conquer Cancer, we want to inspire this community to play an important role in supporting cancer research.”

According to a press release from the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, “Quests have no minimum funding and feature a unique reward system to reach game challenges, prize drops, and funding milestones. All donations, or through the Quest to Conquer Cancer website, will directly fund cancer research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center. The goal for the first year of this year is to raise $ 1 million. ..

Quest fundraising and community members are invited to use the hashtag #QuestTogether to share the latest information and events on fundraising activities.


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