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As part of the new YouTube Deep Dive series.

Introversion, the developer of Prison Architect, has launched a new monthly YouTube series titled Fail Masterclass by Chris Delay, introducing some of the abandoned prototypes. You can play each in exchange for a one-time donation to the charity.

“There’s a lot of ideas behind every great video game, it’s a dead end, and it’s almost complete,” explains the developer of the new YouTube venture. “Usually these early prototypes are dumped into archives, digitally corrupted and cursed. You never see the light of the sun or feel the affection of the player’s mouse. To date ….”

Monthly episodes aimed at another of the failed prototypes of the intro version, and studio Chris Delay and Mark Morris analyzed what worked and what didn’t, and why it was final. Explain whether it was abandoned.

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Chris Delay’s FAIL Master Class-Episode 1.

And for those who want to dig deeper, each prototype will be available in a playable format, adding to what Introversion calls its Failure Bundle, with each new episode.

To access the Failure Bundle, stakeholders must first make a donation to War Child, a charity established to help children and adolescents affected by armed conflict. Donations must be made through the Introversion website-there is a minimum donation of $ 5, but more donations are encouraged for those in that position-and 100% go to War Child.

The first episode of Chris Delay’s failure masterclass is now available and describes an order of magnitude as “a spectacular attempt to recreate a factory in space starting with a small colony of the moon and ending with a Dyson sphere.” Explains.

Ask introverts, “What”, “Can that not work?”


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