Private lobby, multi-class racing, new playground, and more in DIRT 5

Codemasters revealed some New features coming to DIRT 5 later this year.. The official release date of any of them has not been revealed, but there are quite a few welcome updates.

  • New car
  • Hundreds of new playground objects
  • New playground
  • New career event
  • New truck
  • Over 40 new colorings
  • More custom coloring options
  • Profile customization options
  • Private lobby
  • Event ghost
  • Multi-class race
  • Profile statistics
  • More community requests and unpublished features

We will provide updates as soon as we know the details. If you’re on the fence, be sure to read this DIRT 5 review. Bob really enjoyed it.

DIRT 5 is one of the best racing games to drop this generation. There is a high level of immersiveness and fun, and a level of addiction that reaches the same level. The environment is detailed and realistic, and the car looks just as good. The controls feel exactly what I wanted. Sprint cars need to be tweaked, but the rest of the cars all look different and bring something unique to the table. Codemasters will do their best to the end, and fans of rallying, off-road, dirt, simulation and arcade will enjoy something about DIRT 5. The level of fun will be very high for the majority of those who take the plunge.

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