Prodeus Early Access — Is It Worth It?

In every retro throwback FPS game created, it’s surprisingly rare to see a game that tries to feel like this: Fate.. Are they chasing that Build Engine sensation? earthquake In many cases, the most famous entries in this genre are often left unattended. Prodeus I think it’s stupid and hell like a lot Fate..The game entered Early Access on November 9th, and developers Prodeus.. Hellbound He told me to hold back my expectations, but this wasn’t really necessary. But the question is: is it worth it?

Like many games similar to Fate, I know very little about who you are playing and what you are doing Prodeus.. Are you probably an unnamed man called Prodeus Guy, fighting in some sort of interdimensional war with demonic and electrical energy beings? Who can say for sure? And I’m fine with that. It’s a 90’s style FPS, so you can keep it simple without any problems.

The game goes exactly like all the classics. You need to fall to the level and find an exit. Along the way, fight hordes of dangerous enemies, pick up the keys, unlock the way forward, and search for secrets. The level is selected from the freely movable map screen. You can unlock shortcuts to other parts of the map by completing weapon-based challenges that require you to quickly pass through levels while destroying all targets. However, at this point in development, there isn’t much reason to worry about it. Current maps don’t take much time to navigate.

Choose your poison

Prodeus It’s not as strong as the prominent ones these days, but it has a strong level of design. They are so different from each other that they are memorable and have a unique layout. The signpost is also very good and it is hard to get lost. At the same time, the levels are quite large, but they tend to focus you in a particular direction.I played all the content available, but in reality it wasn’t that classic Fate I felt like I was walking around until I happened to stumble in front of me. It definitely feels like it was designed by an expert, which is clearly the case.

Shooting is as impressive as handling a gun. Prodeus It’s a quick game that sometimes gets really busy. All the guns are solid and fun to use, but sometimes it feels a little too familiar. Almost everything feels like a kind of machine gun, but each weapon has an alternative fire mapped to the right mouse button. One of the most interesting guns allows you to land a beacon on an enemy and shoot it without aiming at it. It’s a riot. Everything feels snappy and accurate, and it’s fun to shoot guns. The sound effects are especially good. The sound of the twin submachine gun is a fulfilling and very satisfying report.

The visuals are almost the same. Prodeus Is completely 3D level, but surprisingly you can choose between sprites and 3D models. I think sprites are more aesthetically pleasing, but I don’t really like them between the two. The game aims for a lo-fi look and has all sorts of filters to reduce the resolution. There is also a HUD that shows the character’s helmet, but you can turn it off if you want. The game certainly allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to presentations. However, the enemy is not very interesting.They are generally standard Fate-Types of enemies: zombies, guys with guns, enemies that behave like imps, pinkies. They are pretty fun to fight, but their design isn’t impressive.they Do However, it explodes into gallon blood and goes everywhere. The game is relentlessly cruel.

Prodeus 2

So is it worth it?

The only real negative I can impose on the Early Access version Prodeus It doesn’t have much of its own identity. The settings, enemies, and weapons are all fairly common look and feels and don’t give much of an advantage to the game. Also keep in mind that choosing a campaign mode is too easy to accidentally start a new game. I didn’t do that, but it was on and I kept worrying that I was going to go. Prodeus There is also a strange checkpoint system.It works like this Bioshock Vita Chambers. When you reach the checkpoint, you will be returned to the checkpoint if you die. Everything remains the same and you never lose progress. All you have to do to be successful is to continue. There is nothing that can stop you. It takes a little bit of game potential.

However, there are multiple optional challenges per level, you don’t have to die and finish within a specific time, you have to kill all enemies and find all the secrets. If you’re so leaning, these offer incentives to replay levels, and the game seems like a good choice for speed running. There are also multiple difficulty options so you can crank things up if you want to die more. The checkpoint system exhausts air from the tires regardless. There is a single arena battle level with no checkpoints, but I’m grateful. We hope to add the option to use checkpoints like most other games.

Prodeus 6

for example Prodeus We’ve just entered Early Access and have an amazing amount of content. Available levels are further advanced, which can take 5-6 hours for players to pass. You can also create custom levels if you wish. Of course, you can also play custom levels for other players. Oddly enough, I had to create an account to use any of these online features, which I found strange.

Despite the more general trends and overall friendliness, it’s the fun and well-designed FPS that most people who like this genre can have a good time. It’s very easy to recommend, as more content will be provided in the future.I think it’s an early access version of Prodeus It’s very valuable. Unless you care about creating that account. Why can’t I associate my Steam username with the Bounding Box?

Prodeus Early Access — Is it worth it?

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