Production of the Xbox Series X console is progressing as fast as possible

Hopefully the new inventory will be available sooner rather than later (Photo: Microsoft)

With The Xbox Series X was sold out, and Phil Spencer contacted AMD’s CEO to try to speed up console production.

According to a recent report, the PlayStation 5 inventory will arrive soon, but nothing has been announced for the Xbox Series X / S console.

He didn’t say anything about when new inventory would be available, but Xbox head Phil Spencer ensured production would go as fast as possible.

In a year-end Xbox podcast with programming director Larry Rib, Spencer called AMD CEO Lisa Su, who makes Xbox console processors, to ask if production could be sped up. I admit.

“I get some people” Why didn’t you build more? Why didn’t you start early? Why didn’t you ship early? I mean all of them. It really depends on physics and engineering, “he explained.

“We’re not holding them back. We’re building them as soon as possible. All assembly lines are up and running. I was calling Lisa Su at AMD last week. How can I get more? “

Spencer also mentions a shortage of common hardware, including the PS5.

“Obviously, the PlayStation 5 is a very tight supply. Looking at AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, there are a lot of interesting games right now. Console sales are just a sign. Game sales are that. It’s a sign. We’re running out of hardware, but we’re doing our best.

“The team is incredibly devoted. I appreciate the patience of the people as we strive to build more.

Scalpers who succeeded in purchasing multiple Xbox Series X / S consoles certainly didn’t help, except for limited inventory at launch.

By reselling consoles at soaring prices via eBay, Scalper is believed to have earned over £ 61 million through the sale of Xbox consoles, PS5s, and PC graphics cards.

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Xbox Series X console production going as fast as it can, promises Phil Spencer

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