Production of the Xbox Series X / S began after PS5 to implement certain AMD RDNA2 technologies

Microsoft knew that the production of the Xbox Series X / S was a bit late.

Microsoft has revealed that it started building the Xbox Series X / S console at the end of the summer, a little later than originally planned. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, explained to The Verge in an extensive interview why platform owners are at risk of lagging behind Sony.

According to Spencer, Microsoft wanted the chip to have specific AMD technology, which delayed production a bit.

“We started production at the end of the summer. We were a bit behind our competitors because we were waiting for certain AMD technologies in the chip,” Spencer said.

“When it comes to building units, we were a bit behind where Sony was. When you do that, you have to ship them to all the right retailers and distributors. There is a time lag even at the start or off the assembly line. [until they’re] Sitting on a retail store shelf. “

Microsoft hasn’t specified the type of technology that requires this delay, but states that only next-generation consoles will be available as the Xbox Series X / S approaches. Make the most of the RDNA2 architectureSony doesn’t say anything about the PS5, even though it shares most of AMD’s RDNA 2 technology.

Regarding the production split between the Xbox Series X and Series S, Spencer said the more expensive Series X is currently leading, but this may not be the case in the long run.

“We thought we would have more high-end SKUs for sale on the Series X on the first holiday, and perhaps the second holiday,” Spencer explains.

“We’ve created more Series Xs than Series Ss. In the spring and summer, we’ll probably ease that a bit. In the long run, the price will win in most cases.”

The rest of the interview is worth reading / listening and you can do both with the link.

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Xbox Series X/S manufacturing started later than PS5 to implement specific AMD RDNA 2 tech

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