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Several professors enjoyed Dana White tonight by taunting the UFC boss in a tweet about UFC 257’s illegal streaming.

Earlier this week, White announced that he had caught an illegal streamer. promotion I was aiming. The UFC president also revealed that there is a “surprise” in the potential pirates trying to steal.McGregor vs. Poirier 2‘.

“We got it. We got him! We are looking at this guy now. All you have to do is turn it on Saturday, And we got you, f * cker. “ Dana White declared. “I can’t wait. Turn on Saturday’s streamer and see what happens.”


White later explained in more detail during the interview BT Sport It suggests that the UFC keeps the aforementioned individuals under surveillance.

“When I came out and said this (early this month), all these guys started teasing me, so I went through and chose. I said,” You, you are a man. ” It was. And I told my people, “I want this guy.” “ Dana White revealed (via MMAMania). “We’re looking at his house and listening to his phone conversation, and if he raised it on Saturday (UFC 257), we got him.”

Check out some of the provocative tweets from Profighter to Dana White below:

“”I’m a match streaming this bih in the second Dana White You know where i am “ – Kevin Lee wrote.

“”I stream it for you but i don’t want dana white Being in my ass. – Ben Askren tweeted.

In addition to streaming taunts, Dana White and its companies have also been repelled by ESPN +’s pay-per-view not working. NFL superstar JJ Watt told social media that he wanted to get his money back.

“I’d like to get a $ 70 refund.” – Watt wrotie.

While some professors were teasing Dana White in streaming comments, UFC bosses had previously admitted that the piracy industry would last forever.

“They will never disappear. They will be there, and we are not trying to get rid of all of them. I just want to catch some.” White said in a previous interview with MacLife. “That’s all I’m looking for. I can’t shut everything down. The piracy industry will last forever. Let’s catch some and see what happens. And I Does, oh, it’s coming. “

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Profighter curses Dana White for illegal streaming of UFC257 Profighter curses Dana White for illegal streaming of UFC257

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