Project Shaolin is rumored to be a Wu-Tang Clan Action RPG under development for the Xbox

A new studio called Bass Lion Entertainment is reportedly’Project Shaolin TempleA game featuring Wu-Tang Clan.

that is According to a report from Windows Central, Later backed by Jeff Grub of Venture Beat In his podcast.. (Discovered by Video game chronicle.According to them, the project is being produced in partnership with Xbox. This is probably a “third-person proximity-oriented RPG with four players working together”. The report also adds that the game is expected to run “tens of hours” and has “a rich endgame consisting of seasonal content drops and other updates.”

They say they have all the usual traps for action RPGs, including loot, weapons, equipment, and more. The report also claims that the game features both procedurally generated endgame dungeons and bespoke events.When Project Shaolin TempleSoundtrack seems to be provided by Wu-Tang Clan himself.

Brass Lion Entertainment is a studio founded by industry veterans, including formers. Mass effect Designer Manville Hayer.Credits for other staff members include: Def Jam Vendetta, Sleeping Dogs When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.. Their website is currently saying They are working on an “unreleased action RPG video game”, so at least check out. Grubb seems to have identified the studio as the team behind the project, but said “plans are subject to change”, so make it what you want.

There is no official confirmation of Project Shaolin Temple For now, we will listen more. Of course, Wu-Tang Clan is not a stranger to the game world. In 1999 they led the game Utan: Taste the pain (alias Utan Shaolin Temple Style) Ever back to the original PlayStation.

Project Shaolin is rumoured to be a Wu-Tang Clan action RPG in development for Xbox

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