Project-V is a new online cooperative game by former Riot and EA developers, and early test sign-up has begun.

Dublin-based studio Vela Games has announced that many former League of Legends and EA developers have begun signing up for alpha testing of their studio’s debut project.

Currently codename’Project-V The game is set in a sci-fi fantasy world with “evolving stories and settings”. The details are a bit thin, but Vela promises to “combine the feeling of running an MMO dungeon with the acquisition of MOBA’s teamplay skills,” and the development team envisions “to a frictionless collaboration:” We promise a unique approach. A new genre they named “MOCO” or “Multiplayer Online Co-op”.

The studio itself was co-founded by Travis George, who previously worked for Riot Games as a designer and producer for nine years. League of Legends As a product lead for seasons 2-5 of the game. The studio is also said to boast the talents of studios such as Telltale Games, Codemasters, Ubisoft Montpellier and IO Interactive.

The game is currently in a very early stage of development, but Vela Games wants to run the first closed alpha of Project-V “sometime in 2021”, and those interested can come from the game’s website. You can sign up now. Game character art.

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