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ProMatDX 2021: Sensors-Robot Eyes and Ears

Robot applications are playing an increasingly important role in logistics and fulfillment, and are getting smarter every day thanks to the wide range of sensors used to create them. As a robot’s eyes and ears, sensors are essential to the functionality and safety of these important devices.

An executive at German sensor technology company Sick said all this “Robots have eyes! Why robot fulfillment applications rely on the latest sensor technology.” 2nd day ProMatDX, An industry conference held online this week. Sensors help the robot function more effectively in a particular environment, allowing it to sense its surroundings and perform important functions such as picking, deparating, shipping, and loading. They play important roles in robot vision, safety, tooling at the end of the arm, and features such as object positioning and identification, 2D and 3D object processing, calibration and adaptation.

Sensors are also becoming more important as robots play an even greater role in distribution and fulfillment (mainly due to the accelerated growth of e-commerce over the past year).

“Human and robots work more closely together in logistics. Robots need to perceive more accurately. This is a prerequisite for safe and close collaboration,” says Sick. “Sensor intelligence is an important enabler for all effective and safe robot solutions.”

ProMatDX 2021 It will be held online from April 12th to 16th.

ProMatDX 2021: Sensors-Robot Eyes and Ears ProMatDX 2021: Sensors-Robot Eyes and Ears

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