Prophecy Dungeon returns to Destiny 2: Beyond Light next week

Developer Bungie reveals what’s happening Destiny 2: Beyond the Light The next update to the game will also bring next-generation enhancements to shooters when dropped next week.

In particular, the Prophecy Dungeon will return to the game as it was stored just before Beyond Light was released in November. Endgame activities are offered free of charge to all players, whether they own the extension or not, and each checkpoint offers a strong weekly reward.

In addition, the studio has revealed raid stats detailing player performance in the 10 days since the launch of the latest expansion pack, with more than 250,000 players already completing the game’s latest Deep Stone Cryptrade. Of these, 29,814 have revealed that they have completed it. first day. Overall, players spent a total of 7,156,651 hours of raids in the first 10 days, with more than 979,680 Guardians unlocking The Lament since the quest began.

You can check out some of the other fixes and tweaks that come in Destiny 2 An update will be released on December 8th, including update 3.0.1 for this blog post and additional next-generation extensions for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 players.

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