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“”[Geralt] I found Regis looking at him enthusiastically. “Is it a fresh injury?”

“No, but it’s afflicting me. Are there any herbs that can relieve the pain?”

-A. Fire baptism by Sapkowski, pp.128

Geralt of Rivia has been disabled.

It’s always interesting to see people’s reactions to this statement, especially fans’ reactions. I got it on Monday, November 9th. The thread I made spread by word of mouth on Twitter..

Geralt has become a very beloved fantasy icon, especially after the success of CDPR’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Netflix’s The Witcher, but whenever we think of him, our hearts quickly become a video game. I’m going to a greasy but adorable monster hunter. It’s important to ride on the award-winning television show Coattail, talk about your personal experience with Sapkovsky’s novels, and pay attention to what’s left over the years to tell Gerald’s story. I felt it.

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I am a disabled person and work professionally as a disability consultant, sensitivity leader, writer and designer for tabletop role-playing games and other media. I started showing symptoms at the age of 12, and my childhood was one of the things my friends couldn’t do. I grew up angry and felt that no one understood or cared about chronic pain. I came across Sapkovsky’s novel when I was 20 when I saw my friends play and talk about The Witcher 3. And soon I became an avid fan of both books and games.

When I reached the Time of Contempt and Geralt was seriously injured, I unknowingly began on the path to acceptance and peace. Despite being healed by the magical waters of the Brokyron Forest, Gerald complained of constant pain in his knees, hips and elbows.

Suddenly I was intrigued.

Unlike other fantasy novels, where magical metaphors that erase illness, injury, or disability are rampant, the healing Gerald received did not deny or alleviate his injury. It began to affect him in the long run, and he had to learn to compensate and adapt to his newly discovered obstacles. He took time-he was angry with himself and the world and frustrated and brought it to his friends.

At that moment I..

It was Gerald’s long journey to accept his disability that helped me accept my disability. He has been shown to be capable, strong, and of human value over and over again-all of this is an expression of the obstacles I have interacted with before and still come across. Then it is unusual. This does not mean that the book is perfectly represented. The “inconvenient” slur is thrown like anyone’s business, but it perfectly captures and reflects my own experience. One of anger and internalized discrimination against persons with disabilities.

When I created the thread, I knew well that I was opening a can of worms. Disability has been largely unacceptable not only in the media but also in society, and in most cases I have received the reaction I expected.

“Geralt is not disabled.”

“This kind of panda ring should be stopped.”

“In fact, Fringilla Vigo healed Gerald at the Lady of the Lake, so he’s not disabled.” (((Points already revealed on Twitter He explained that Gerald had standard disabilities beyond the knees and elbows-ie. His sterilization, severe post-traumatic stress, poor resistance to toxicity due to potion abuse, and nerve damage from other old scars and scars. The word “healed” should not be confused with the word “healed”. It does not mean the same thing. )

suddenly, I The witcher who pointed out the obstacles written by Sapkovsky turned out to be “ruined” and chose to ignore most of the video games. I made people mock me and say, “Disability doesn’t work in video games,” but I didn’t admit that the main character in Mad Max’s game was dragging his legs with leg braces. Only failures “do not work” in the media. This is because in areas where the majority of healthy people are, no one cares about hiring and “functionalizing” specialists with disabilities.

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While i am overjoyed Netflix-The Witcher Showrunner Lauren Hisrich’s Reaction, I am also very nervous. The film and television industry does not have the best track record in expressing people with disabilities-in the worst case, we are portrayed as villains, at best seen as pathetic creatures rather than humans.I made it My offer Clearly as a professional disability consultant (currently also working on The Witcher Pen & Paper at R. Talsorian Games), I can’t expect too much of them to adopt it. In many cases, the industry considers disability to be “expressive” and tries to do it alone. As a result, there is a lot of disability discrimination instead.

We sincerely hope that Netflix and The Witcher team will get in touch and hire a consultant with a disability to help capture these important and delicate parts of Geralt’s character. I have been ridiculed, ridiculed, and accused of being “overly critical” rather than a “real fan.” But somewhere along the way, people forgot what my thread really was. They saw me calling Geralt invalid and came looking for an excuse to take that part of his identity again, like a video game.

But it is important that we recognize Gerald as the protagonist of the disabled and stop erasing that part of him. We need to step up to express and process that part of his story correctly, explicitly and sensitively. There are people with disabilities there, so now we need to know that they are not alone in their pain and experience. That they are people who still have value and life. They need positive expression.

They need someone like Geralt of Rivia.


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