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Ryan Walters, Democratic Labor Party spokesman for business and entrepreneurship. (File)

Vulnerable people in society must be protected, says Ryan Walters, a Democratic Labor Party health spokesman.

He then proposed that the Department of Health and Human Services conduct a comprehensive and consistent testing and monitoring program for all healthcare professionals in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Geriatric Hospital, and private elderly care facilities. I am.

He also suggested implementing more use of technology or telemedicine to help patients stay in touch with their doctors and stay safe during the pandemic.

These were some of the proposals made by Walters, the party’s first Vice President, during an online discussion of the title. COVID-19 Time to reset Held on Sunday night, Facebook..

For his colleague Andre Warrell, the party’s second vice president and spokesman for agriculture and the environment, more must be done this year to bring more land back into production.

He proposed to subsidize farmers in advance to increase production, but this is not currently being done. Farmers should also benefit from rebates after being affected by the drought at the beginning of the year and the subsequent heavy rains, which could lead to a turnaround in the sector. (GBM)

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Protecting Vulnerabilities, and Walters – NationNews Barbados — Protecting Vulnerabilities, and Walters – NationNews Barbados —

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