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Protein Industries Canada and Partners Launch Sector Roadmap – Real Agriculture

Protein Industries Canada (PIC) has collaborated with several partners to launch a sector roadmap for Canada’s plant-based food, feed, and raw materials sectors.

The roadmap outlines key actions that will help the sector achieve its strategic goals, including supplying 10% of the world’s plant-based foods by 2035.

Initiated by PIC and developed based on input and feedback from industry representatives across Canada, the sector roadmap is based on the needs and capabilities of companies, organizations, scholars and researchers across the country. It prioritizes a collaborative approach to move the sector forward, especially in the areas of innovation, scale-up and prosperity.

The actions outlined in the Sector Roadmap will help guide the continued growth of Canada’s ecosystems and position Canada to meet global demand for healthy and sustainable plant-based food options. PIC says it guarantees that.

The roadmap focuses on ongoing innovation, supports scale-up of production and enables Canadian organizations to thrive on the most pressing social issues such as climate change, food security and health. It helps to create jobs and drive the economy while addressing some. Canada’s growth.

Bill Greuel, CEO of PIC, says the sector is at the edge of an incredible opportunity. However, achieving that requires collaborative efforts.

“Canada expects annual sales from plant-based foods, feeds, and ingredients to exceed $ 25 billion by 2035. An overview of this is currently excluding rapeseed oil and wheat milling. With sales of about $ 3 billion, the Sector Roadmap outlines the ideal results and recommended actions needed to guide us there, and our sector is our goal and across Canada. We emphasize how we can build that strength to reach our goals, ”explains Greuel.

To help implement and promote the roadmap, PIC and its partners have set up an advisory board. The committee is made up of industry leaders throughout the value chain and beyond.

Currently, the members of the Advisory Board are:

  • Murad Al-Katib – AGT Foods and Ingredients in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • Gord Flaten – Avena Foods in Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Jasmine Byrn – Big Mountain Foods, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Julie Dickson Olmstead – Save-On-Foods LP in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Martin Scanlon-Winnipeg, University of Manitoba in Mann.
  • Evan Fraser – University of Guelph Aller Food Institute in Guelph, Ontario.
  • Riel Bellegarde – Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
  • Leslie Ewing – A plant-based food in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Greg Cherewyk – Pulse Canada in Winnipeg, Canada.

Next year, the roadmap will continue to be improved and rolled out. The next steps include setting benchmarks and goals, implementing actions, and receiving more advice from the advisory board.

Protein Industries Canada and Partners Launch Sector Roadmap – Real Agriculture Protein Industries Canada and Partners Launch Sector Roadmap – Real Agriculture

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