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Elliott will be joining Action Express Racing’s full-time Felipe Nasr and Pipoderani, as well as endurance driver Mike Conway, on a Rolex 24-hour on the Wellen Engineering Cadillac DPi-VR, but on the Daytona International Speedway’s 3.56 mile road course. So I haven’t tried the car itself yet. .. Instead, he’s working hard on the simulator in preparation, and he admits, “I think I was very lucky with my teammates. They will help me speed up.”

Now he says he is anxious to get going tomorrow to actually try the car on Roar before the 24 three-day tests. Five of Elliott’s 11 cup wins took place on the road course.

“At Sim, I knew quite well that the braking zone would be deeper just by listening to everyone,” Elliott said in response to a question on “It makes sense because these cars are much more powerful. They are light and big brakes, so everything makes sense to me.

“The most challenging part of the sim-and I’d like to know if it’s translated here-was a transition from the brakes to the corners. Its speed and peace of mind is more than I’m used to. It’s a much faster pace.

“You’ll be driving in one thing for a long time, and you have a sense of what’s too fast for a little tight corner and what’s not. Its central pace is when I’m on the cup side. It’s up from what you’re used to doing, so readjust it and be aware of it [is a challenge].. “

Elliott said the team hasn’t made much adjustments to the shim settings (lowering the grip level to represent worn tires and nighttime temperatures) and instead wants to learn the basics of the car. I did.

“We intentionally kept the track consistent just to keep the variables unchanged,” he said. “I think that’s the right way to do that with a sim. It’s a good idea to cut out variables that don’t have the exact answer so you can really focus on what might be useful on the track.

“And because I’m a weak link, it was wise to eliminate variables that I could choose to eliminate. I’m just trying to wrap me.”

Elliott commented on why he was working on the opening round of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship: “I really enjoy broadening my horizons, trying new things, and finding new challenges.

“Don’t take it out of context. I don’t understand NASCAR because I don’t understand it. But find something new to do something more different. I’m still pretty young and old enough to learn new things. I find it harder to learn new things as I get older, so in my life … I learn, adapt and get the right amount I feel like I’m at a stage where I can be competitive with my efforts.

“So I’m doing all these things and enjoying it a lot … I hope this isn’t my last shot. I want to come back and do this event again. This is I don’t think you’re one of the ones you expect to appear once and be perfect or at its best in the game. It takes a little more practice.

“My idea is to provide their information so that they can understand it in their heads … it finds a comfortable pace within their own limits and limits it as the weekend progresses. Is to proceed. “

Delani, Nasr and Conway all pledge to help Elliott speed up. Delani commented: “In our type of race, not only as a friend, but also a car.

“Chase can give him a very open mind to receive all sorts of information from Felipe, me, or Mike Conway, who knows the car well. That’s a good approach to racing. I think, and I think we can have a good time together as a teammate …

“Details, little tricks here and there, myself, Felipe and Mike definitely try to help him remember it throughout the race.

“But … he just won the championship at NASCAR. What can I say? The guy is top notch and hungry for victory. The 24 Hours of Daytona is a very good race to win, so he won it. I am confident that we will make 100% effort to make it happen. “

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Prototype Corner Medium Speed ​​”Most Challenging” Part Prototype Corner Medium Speed ​​”Most Challenging” Part

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