PS Now November 2020 Injustice 2 and Rage 2 headliner lineup

From Tuesday, November 3rd, a new title lineup will be added to Sony’s PlayStation Now catalog. Next month’s addition Injustice 2 And Anger 2.. plus, F1 2020, my time at Portia, Kingdom Come: Deliverance,and Warhammer: Birmintide 2 I also participate in the mix.

Nether Realm Studio Unleashed Injustice 2 Widely praised in 2017. DC-centric fighting games have significantly improved the formula Injustice: the gods between us, Add to the roster and take the story to new heights with the introduction of Superman’s enemy Brainiac.

Anger 2 The result of a strategic collaboration between id Software and Avalanche Studios. The FPS skills that define the genre of Id and Avalanche’s open-world expertise have created a unique combination.on the other hand Anger 2 It didn’t ignite the world when it launched in May 2019, so the mechanics of shooting and the pure fun you can enjoy with them are worth a try.

F1 2020 It offers yet another different experience for the November lineup, giving players access to Codemasters’ F1 racing sims. The title was launched this summer and introduced many new gameplay modes. When diving into this particular racer, players build their own F1 team, including drivers, engine suppliers, teammates and more.

Pathea Games’ My time at Portia We will further diversify the addition of PS Now next month and provide a sim set set in the post-apocalyptic world. However, this is not the normal post-end setting. It’s fascinating and allows players to take on the roles of adventurer, engineer, and peasant.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Warhorse Studios is an action RPG set in Bohemia in the early 15th century. Players explore immersive open world settings from a first-person perspective. This gives you a closer and personal look at the built-in combat mechanics. A divergent story with a classless role-playing system furthers the free-form playstyle.

what Warhammer: Birmintide 2 Bringing to the table is a potential first-person collaborative action title.Fantastic set Warhammer space, Birmintide 2 Players can get together to take on the Chaos Army and Scavenging. Proximity mechanics that transcend the genre of this game will impress many action game fans.

All of the above will be attending PS Now on November 3rd next month. With the PlayStation 5 on the shelves, new console players will be able to enjoy everything PS Now offers.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

November’s PS Now Games Lineup Headlined by Injustice 2 and Rage 2

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