PS Plus January 2021: Maneater is a PS5 bonus game, Tomb Raider, PS4 Greedfall

Sony has announced the first batch of PS Plus games this year, but it seems that this year is starting with the right foot, as the January 2021 PS Plus product includes some decent games.

This month’s headline act is Maneater, specifically the PS5 version of the game with improved graphics and more next-generation features. I reviewed it last year and it was a decent game on the PS4, so it should be even better on the PS5. Please note that Maneater is only available to PS5 owners with a PS Plus subscription. This game is not available if you are using a PS4.

But what PS4 players get is Lara Croft’s final adventure in the Reboot Trilogy with the Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I also decided to review this at the time of release, but Jason only said good things about the game, so there’s no doubt that you can enjoy it if you download it. What do you dislike? Actions, guns, bows and other actions.

And finally, Greedfall, a game I haven’t reviewed, is in the middle of the Xbox Series X | S. Greedfall is a bit awkward RPG, but from my early impressions it sounds like a decent mid-tier game, but in the end it wastes hours of my life.

Free is free, so it’s worth adding these titles to your download list even if you don’t plan to play them right away. After completing the latest hot RPG, Assassin’s Creed Valhara, you might try Greedfall. Alternatively, you can download Shadow of the Tomb Raider when you get your PS5 and play the game at 60 fps. In any case, don’t waste your subscription.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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PS Plus January 2021: Maneater is Your PS5 Bonus Game, Tomb Raider and Greedfall for PS4

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