PS Plus Premium is a complete mess before it starts

Is the PlayStation sold out? (Photo: Sony)

One reader is confused by Sony’s promotion of the improved PS Plus and is worried that it may not take the Game Pass equivalent seriously.

Whether you are a PlayStation or not Xbox Fans I think everyone will accept that Sony has a baseline of worthy abilities. They have been in the gaming business for a long time and they usually do them according to predictable internal logic, whether or not you agree with their decision. So what’s happening with the PS Plus improvements?

The revamp (the overall name isn’t really there and is generally hard to talk about-the number one marketing mistake at Sony) was discussed a few months before the official announcement and everyone equated it with the Game Pass. I described it as a PlayStation, which is essentially. It’s actually a PlayStation Extra, but the PS Plus Platinum is the most expensive, but it’s actually a PS Extra + PS Now, so it’s most similar to the Game Pass between the three layers.

If you’re already confused, that’s a good thing. Because that is my point. This is all terribly confusing. It’s all presented in the least useful way possible in terms of being easy to understand and making it look like people want to spend money. To make matters worse, the presentation of the entire Sony concept is starting to look completely incompetent, which is not what I expected of them.

Far from that, I’m not working in marketing, but I announced it during the state of play and thought it was an obvious way to have a big huge montage (they finally). I did it the other day, but it’s only a few PS Plus Extra and Platinum game lengths). It will be two separate montages. One for PlayStation 4, five for Extra, and the next oldest retro game for Platinum, you can feel nostalgia.

Next, before listing all the games that are part of the two services, we need to briefly explain the price. Maybe scroll down all of them on the screen in a comically long list to show how many of them there are. That makes sense, right? Is that what you usually expect? And it’s not too expensive and it’s not difficult at all.

So what did Sony actually do? They had a single blog with no photos updated when there was more information – when they announced the price they even thought it was worth having another article did not. Is Sony’s marketing staff a holiday or something? Did they let an inexperienced intern do this? Or do you think they are so arrogant and it doesn’t matter what they do? Will people buy it anyway?

I really don’t know the answer, and I don’t think it’s any of them (hopefully). In almost all of these cases, the answer is simple incompetence, but it just goes back to the opening statement that I thought Sony was better than that.

Why are they doing it this way? Why release a list of such small games when quite a few people believe that the service is everything? What are the benefits of reverting that information when someone is the only reason to pay for these things?

Why don’t you mention the PlayStation 2 game at all? As you know, is it the most successful home video game console ever made? I literally don’t understand it. I’m resentful that Sony’s marketing director is Microsoft’s secret dual agent, or Sony itself doesn’t believe in the whole concept and needs to copy the game pass.

It’s no secret that Sony didn’t want to make its own version of the game press and was basically forced by the success of the Xbox, but it makes this half-baked copy that can’t even increase the enthusiasm to properly advertise. Is crazy. Sony, in particular, has a big advantage over Microsoft, and its retro lineup is much larger and better, so it should be easy to use. As I said, they couldn’t even talk about PlayStation 2 games, let alone other things.

I just finished this article on Friday morning, and then it happened again. Apparently, some of these old games have brand new trophy support, that’s great news! But how do you know this? Bend Studio said so in a tweet, even though Sony has never mentioned itself. What’s happening at that company?

It’s crazy, they’re certainly forced to do the chores it doesn’t want when you should accept the future of the game very clearly when it comes to how to pay for it. It behaves like this. I’m sure people will say more over time, but why? What was the benefit of making everyone think your service was worse than a few weeks? And given that it starts in Asia on Monday, how exactly are you going to leave it late? Monday!

If Sony has a secret plan to make themselves and PS Plus Premium look wise and rational at the end of all this, they’re leaving it very late.

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PS Plus Premium is a complete shambles before it’s even started – Reader’s Feature

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