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PS VR2: When will it be released?

PS VR2: When will it be released?

Best Answer: Probably 2022. Sony hasn’t announced an official date yet, but rumors point to this year’s release.

PS VR2: Back to the Future

Since the 2016 release of the original PlayStation VR, Sony has been working hard to build the right ecosystem for PlayStation gamers who want to get a unique perspective on the game.

A series of PS5 Sony has announced the official name and specifications of the 2nd generation PSVR built specifically for PS5, including the recent announcement at CES 2022.With some impressive new features and technologies touted, PSVR2 The best accessories for PS5 When started.Fortunately for PS5 owners looking for a next-generation VR experience, wait It may not be too long. Jim Ryan wasn’t exactly sure when to expect the PS VR2, but the impact at this point certainly seems to be 2022.

PS VR2: What will it look like?

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

Thanks to the announcement of CES, we know a lot about the new headset. First, the fact that PS VR2 is built specifically for PS5 means that developers don’t have to worry about much less powerful PS4 hardware when designing PSVR2 games.

PS VR2: When will it be released? PS VR2: When will it be released?

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