PS4 Godfall Announces Fire and Darkness Expansion-E3 2021

Unexpectedly, Godfall, originally announced exclusively for PS5 and PC, will appear on August 10th in the final generation system, PS4.

Godfall, published by Gearbox, is a predator slasher developed by Counterplay Games. It was one of the few true next-generation games announced before the PlayStation 5 was launched. But today, the developers announced that Godfall will actually go back to PlayStation 4.

In addition, anyone who purchases a PS4 copy of Godfall is entitled to a free update to the PS5 version and has even generational support. As a result, players can team up regardless of the generation of the system they are using.

In addition, Counterplay Games has announced several updates and the first major enhancements. In a new extension titled “Fire and Darkness,” players step into Fire Realm, confront new enemies, and gain new high-level gear.

The free Light Bringer update adds a Light Bringer endgame mode, new rooms and loot. The August 10th update reveals over 40 new items and skins.

Godfall reveals the screen

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Matt TM Kim is a news editor at IGN.


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