PS5 Amazon customers receive toilet paper and fan heaters instead of consoles

On the other hand, some poor people who had to use the toilet and were really cold were given a PS5 (credit: Kate’s News Agency).

After a few delays, one of the unlucky gamers admitted that he was angry and disappointed that he hadn’t received the pre-ordered PS5.

Management to ensure safety Pre-ordering the PlayStation 5 was difficult enough, but some unlucky customers eventually didn’t receive the console.

Not only were some deliveries delayed, but many people who ordered via Amazon were given a completely different item, such as cat food, instead.

And Amazon’s story seems to continue, as a PlayStation 5 buyer revealed that he didn’t even get a console.

24-year-old Robert Russell from Corby, Northamptonshire, was “busy with excitement” when he was able to get a pre-order for the PlayStation 5 after waiting two hours on his laptop. Told. Release date November 19th.

His delivery didn’t arrive until November 22nd, and when he opened the box he found, instead of the new console he paid £ 450, a packet of kitchen rolls, two packets of toilet paper, A4 2 packets of paper, and a small fan heater.

“When I lifted the lid and looked at the contents of the box, I was speechless, but my parents just started laughing. I didn’t really think it was funny, I swear a lot. “Russell said.

“I was completely shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Instead of the PlayStation, I was sent kitchen rolls, toilet paper, fan heaters, and A4 paper. I was very angry …. The worst thing about it was that it was very neatly packed in a box and weighed as much as a PlayStation.

PlayStation 5 Amazon delivery

Russell has to wait until the inventory is available again (credit: Catering News Agency)

Russell’s order was already two times late. After being told that it wouldn’t arrive until November 21, it wasn’t available that day, so I asked my mother to take me.

Delivery never went up, but Russell received a message that an attempt had been made. Russell contacted Amazon to ensure that the console arrived the next day.

Thankfully, Russell was able to get a refund from Amazon, but the fact remains that he doesn’t have a PlayStation 5 yet.

“I was very happy and relieved that they offered me a refund, but it still doesn’t really help because I can’t get a PlayStation. They’re sold out everywhere. It will not be replenished until the second half of next year.

“So I’m still missing. I don’t want to refund. I just want a PlayStation 5. I’m sick and still can’t believe what I received on behalf of the PlayStation.”

Sony actually promised to refill the console again before Christmas, but the Scalper Group threatened to buy all its inventory as soon as it became available.

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PS5 Amazon customer receives toilet paper and fan heater, not console

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