PS5 and Xbox Series X / S will arrive on Tuesday with the best buy

Both Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X | S will be available tomorrow, December 15th. Best Buy announced. All three consoles are replenished “after 8am CT” (6am PT / 9am ET) and have the option of picking up the console at the store using curbside pickups.

This is an online-only replenishment, so don’t worry about going to a local store in the hope of getting caught. We don’t know the exact number of units available or whether new steps have been taken to mitigate the frustrating buying experience that prospects have been dealing with at various retail stores for months. Best Buy does not specify whether both PS5 and PS5 Digital editions are available, but will replenish at least one version of Sony’s next-generation platform.

All four next-generation consoles have been extremely difficult to obtain since pre-orders were first launched, and the holiday shopping season was useless. Inventory is regularly available in various stores, but reliable PS5 or Xbox Series X | S inventories don’t seem to be promising in the near future.

There is time (or at least a window) to start updating the Best Buy website, but fortunately it’s quite possible that you won’t get the website. In that case, follow the PS5 Replenishment Guide and the Xbox Series X | S Replenishment Guide. Both can track inventory status and upcoming replenishments to find out when and how to buy a new console.

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