PS5 console stolen by a British gang in a raid during delivery

Sounds like a cheesy Fast & Furious movie (Photo: Sony)

British delivery trucks carrying goods such as PS5s, TVs and cell phones have been stolen on the move.

It’s already hard to buy the PlayStation 5, and a lot of stock A scalper aimed at selling consoles for profit.

It is currently reported that criminal organizations are stealing PlayStation 5 consoles directly from delivery trucks while on the go.

According to The Times, gangsters target moving trucks for boxing in their cars, and one thief climbs onto the roof of the car and uses cutting tools or crowbars to break into the truck.

Upon entering the truck, the thief throws the goods at the car and then jumps back onto the hood.

At least 27 lorry jacks have reportedly been outbreaks since September of this year, with the main target being lorries, including luxury items such as PlayStation 5 consoles, TVs, cell phones and cosmetics. And as Christmas approaches, that number is rising.

Career criminals explained to the Times that criminals are targeting the truck itself because of the increased security across other areas of the supply chain.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Train Holdup

Stand up and deliver (Photo: Rockstar Games)

In addition, the increase in online delivery puts more vulnerable delivery drivers at risk, according to Chrys Rampley, a former security manager at the Road Haulage Association.

These drivers are hired as temporary workers and therefore do not receive security training to deal with potential robbery.

She needed to plan these in-delivery raids, adding that the thief knew when and where the truck was. That is, the gang is receiving inside information.

This isn’t the first time there has been evidence of fraudulent play on PlayStation 5 deliveries after multiple Amazon customers reported suspicious behavior on the part of delivery staff.

Some customers received orders for the PlayStation 5, but only found other random items in the box, from toilet paper to cat food.

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PS5 consoles stolen by UK gangs in mid-delivery raids

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