PS5 designers originally wanted to make it even bigger

The illustration in the article titled PS5 Designer originally wanted to make it even bigger

image: Sony

Yes, you are reading that right.

The· The largest console in modern game history It started even bigger when Sony’s senior art director, Yuto Morisawa, first put the pen on paper. “At first, when I started painting, I didn’t know what engineering would be like, but it was much bigger,” Morisawa said. Interview with Washington post.. “It’s kind of weird to say that engineering is actually too big, so we actually had to shrink it a bit from the first drawing.”

PS5 over 1 foot high and weighing about 15 pounds Huge.. Some may say it’s too big. Kotaku Reviewer Ian Walker I explained the outer shell of the console Not as a “bulb”, but as “unwieldy enough to completely control the aesthetics of the room.” KotakuMike Fahei called the PS5drunkDirect comparison with Xbox Series X.. “I stare at it, frown, and shake my head,” he wrote. Many internet inks have already leaked. It As Sauron’s eyes.

“I tried to sculpt an invisible mass between the player and mechanical engineering,” Morisawa said. Position. “”That’s how I explain it. There is something between the hardware and the player and we need to express it. “

The PS5 certainly represents something.

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