PS5 download bugs can be fixed without a complete reset

Have you ever experienced this bug on PS5? (Photo: Sony)

Sony has provided a solution to the PS5 issue that made it nearly impossible for owners to download the game.

Shortly after the first launch of PlayStation 5 in certain regions last week, some owners said I ran into a pretty nasty bug.

The bug in question prevents the game from downloading and essentially traps you in a weird limb that makes the console think at the same time whether you bought the game.

Initially, the only solution to this was to perform a factory reset, but this is an ideal solution as it removes everything from the PlayStation 5 and makes it as effective as it was just unboxed. It wasn’t a plan.

However, Sony is currently working on this issue and the solution is to update the console to the latest system software and then boot the PlayStation 5 into safe mode.

To do this, you need to hold down the power button that turns on the console, but do not release it until you hear a second beep.

Once turned on, choose to rebuild the database. This solves the problem by simply reorganizing and updating the system files without deleting anything.

The problem doesn’t seem to bother everyone (I’ve never experienced a problem with the PlayStation 5), but it’s clearly quite common when Sony has to intervene and admit it.

PlayStation 5 is currently available (currently out of stock at any retail store in the sense that it was officially launched).

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PS5 download bug can be fixed without a complete reset

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