PS5 faceplate site cancels order after legal threat from Sony

If you wanted to customize your new PS5 with a flashy faceplate, you might have to wait for the official Sony solution. The company offering replacement PS5 plates in different colors canceled the order after being threatened by a lawsuit.

A few days ago, a representative of Customize My Plates, known as Plate Station 5, talked to VGC and confirmed that he had canceled all plate orders. He cited Sony’s legal threat as the reason behind both the name change and cancellation that Sony said it infringed its trademark.

“… Sony attorneys said it was their opinion [that] Sony’s intellectual property extends to the cover page, and if it continues to be sold and distributed in any country, it will be brought to court. “

The console customization business will be abandoned, but Customize MyPlates is unlikely to offer plate replacement in the future. Instead, we are currently offering controller and console skins. These are vinyl sheets that can be attached to the console itself. It does not replace the existing faceplate like the original component and is a bit cheaper.

The faceplate is so easy to remove (no tools required) that Sony may offer its own replacements in different colors in the future. It’s certainly easier than offering a completely different color to the console, as Sony has done in the past. The first iteration of the Xbox 360 also featured a replaceable faceplate. I’m sure there are many people who want to make a PS5 camouflage, but you may not find it later.

PS5 will be released on November 12th. Currently, it is only available in white, as is the DualSense controller. Check the PS5 Pre-Order Guide for inventory information on both the console and its accessories.

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