PS5 introduces an elegant but effective solution to prevent playing the wrong version of the game

Sheriff Sayed, Tuesday, December 22, 2020 14:39 GMT

No more confusing about the version of the game you’re trying to play on your PS5.

Apparently without an update, Sony Playstation 5When it comes to cross-generation games, it’s the biggest problem. From launch to very recently, PS5 owners had to dig deeper into the game menu to be able to play the PS5 version of the game instead of the old PS4 build.

As discovered by Tidux On Twitter, the PS5 now warns players every time two versions of the same game are installed and asks which one to launch.Of course, the fact that this is a problem Jeez Next-generation consoles have received considerable criticism.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to match the PlayStation Store. The PlayStationStore seems to have no way to provide the correct version without user intervention, so it keeps accidentally downloading the PS4 version of the purchased game. Nevertheless, there are reports that you can choose which version of the game to download after this server-side update.

Of course, Microsoft solved this problem before the start of the new generation, thanks to the Smart Delivery feature, which allows players to always get the right version for the console without having to do anything other than start the download.

Thank you, VGC.

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PS5 introduces an inelegant, but effective solution to stop you playing the wrong version of your game

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