PS5 is the largest console release in Sony history

Sheriff Sayed, Wednesday, November 25, 2020 13:19 GMT

Sales of PlayStation 5 have made a breakthrough.

Sony today Playstation 5 This is the largest console release ever. However, the platform owner did not reveal accurate or estimated sales / shipment figures.

Sony released the news in a tweet a while back, ensuring that demand for next-generation consoles was “unprecedented” and that PS5 inventories would arrive at retail stores by the end of the year.

This is an impressive feat for Sony, given that Sony is responsible for two of the world’s largest console launches, the PS2 and PS4. But given the expectations for the new machine and how successful the PS4 is in the player, it’s not surprising. To date, more than 113 million units have been shipped.

Sony previously said it expects the PS5 to break the PS4’s 7.6 million record in the first year, but this seems very feasible so far. Tough numbers may arrive shortly or in the summary of Sony’s next fiscal year.

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PS5 is Sony’s biggest ever console launch

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