PS5 is the largest release in PlayStation history and will have more in stock by 2021

Sony says it has confirmed that the PS5 has made its biggest release on the PlayStation in history and that more units will be released by the end of the year. In a tweet thanking fans, the PlayStation account explained that the PS5 is “the biggest console release ever.” .. Sony hasn’t announced much about actual sales, so it’s not yet known.

PS5 is sold out all over the world, and among the issues related to retailer demand, Tweet also explains that demand is unprecedented. “We wanted to make sure that more PS5 inventories would reach retailers by the end of the year,” the message ended.

It’s not clear if Sony means more inventory than the additional Black Friday units already confirmed by some retailers.

Confirmed PlayStation 5 games

In terms of pure success, it was an impressive launch for Sony, especially considering that the unit could not be sold in stores, especially due to the COVID-19 production suspension. This means that Sony can expect the PS5 to outperform the PS4 in the first year. This is a goal of over 7 million units.

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