PS5 out of stock continues in the UK as Scalper grabs thousands of consoles

Alex Calvin, Tuesday, November 24, 2020 11:50 GMT

If you’re having a hard time finding a new Sony console for sale, this may be the reason.

The Scalper Group seems to partially blame the current shortage Playstation 5 British console.

This is due to Business Insider, who reports that one such group, called CrepChiefNotify, which boasts thousands of paid members, used bots to snap about 3,500 PS5s. Technicians notify users when consoles are in stock, skipping queues and latency, and allowing users to quickly purchase very popular hardware.

At launch, the group managed to snap up 2,472 consoles in addition to the “less than 1,000” pre-orders made in September.

These bots are not new. Scalpers has been using this kind of technology for some time to buy everything from game consoles to branded clothing like Supreme. Basically, whatever has a huge demand that can be abused.

These PlayStation 5 consoles are now sold at ridiculous prices, frankly. At the time of this writing, Sony’s new hardware will cost £ 990 on eBay.

Recently, Nintendo’s “Limited Release” Super Mario 3D All Stars was the victim of scalping, but the company’s Switch Console and SNES Classic Console received the same treatment in 2017.

The PS5 debuted on November 12th and went on sale in the UK on November 19th. The console sold out quickly. Here’s everything you need to know about Sony’s new machines.

In a PlayStation 5 review, editor-in-chief Tom Orry said the machine really feels like the next generation.

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PS5 stock shortages in the UK continue as scalpers grab thousands of consoles

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