PS5 performance outperforms Xbox Series X in some games, so Microsoft supports it

Microsoft boasted that the Xbox Series X was the most powerful console ever. In particular, tests show that the PS5 runs more regularly than the Xbox Series X’s performance, as both consoles are exposed, especially in contrast to its major competitor, the Sony PlayStation 5. I will. , And Microsoft responded.

“We are aware of some optimized title performance issues in the Xbox Series X | S and are actively working with our partners to identify and resolve issues to ensure an optimal experience,” Microsoft said. A spokeswoman told The Verge. “When we start a new console generation, our partners are just biting the surface of what next-generation consoles can do, and as they learn how to get the most out of our new platform, minors. We look forward to some bug fixes. We want to continue working with developers to explore more features of the Xbox Series X | S in the future. “

As an example, the report focuses on the performance of Devil May Cry 5. The Xbox Series X improves performance in 4K mode with ray tracing, and the PS5 improves performance in performance mode with a large frame rate gap between consoles. The report also states that some developers are only allowed to submit games in June, and development kit allocations are limited. PS5 development kits have been reported to be available long ago, and the studio is giving more time to optimize those versions.

This seems to be in line with the comments made by Xbox head Phil Spencer in a recent interview, as well as with The Verge. He states that Microsoft started production later than Sony.

“We started production at the end of summer,” Spencer said. “We were a little behind our competitors because we were waiting for certain AMD technology in the chip. When it came to building the unit, we were a little behind where Sony was. It started late in the summer.” “

Sekiro: In some cases, backwards compatible games will run more consistently on the PS5, as in Shadows Die Twice. This is probably because you are using dynamic resolution instead of locked 4K resolution.

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