PS5 players selling access to the PS Plus collection may be banned

The PlayStation Plus collection gives PS5 owners access to the largest PS4 games as part of a standard PS Plus subscription, but cannot charge games through PS4. As a result, PS5 owners have proposed to sell access to these games via temporary guest logins on the console, but this practice seems to prohibit it.

Simply put, it works like this:

  1. PS5 owners offer to charge PS Plus collection games for PS4 owners.
  2. The PS4 owner will provide the login details so that the PS5 owner can request the game.
  3. The PS5 owner will sign out of their account after requesting the game.
  4. The PS4 owner changes the password.

After all, Sony isn’t a big fan of players doing this. According to VGC, Hong Kong PlayStation 5 players who sold access to the game and PS4 players who purchased the game are banned from accounts. The account ban doesn’t seem to be permanent, but the PS5 console itself can no longer connect to the PSN. Given that almost all modern games require online access, including the completion of a disk-based game installation, this often makes the PS5 system useless.

Still, if you have a PS4 and PS5, there should be nothing to prevent you from downloading PS Plus collection games on both systems. Some titles were first free on November 12, but some games have been offered as prizes through PS Plus in the last few months.

If you are still on the PS5 market, check out the PS5 Ordering Guide. Currently, the system is very difficult to find, but the list pops up sporadically. You can also find great membership deals for PlayStation Plus so that you can access these games.

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